7 Reasons You Should Totally Host A Vision Board Party This Year

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The holiday season is busy enough - with work holiday parties, visiting the family, spending time with your younger cousins that keep trying on all your clothes and stealing your makeup - why should you go out of your way to host yet another party? 

First, vision board parties don't only have to be at the beginning of the year and they don't have to be formal. If you can get a couple of friends together, you can host a vision board party at any time. 

Second, even if you are juggling the high demands of holiday season, it's still a great time to host a vision board party. At the beginning of the year, most people are already reflecting on what they've done in this year and thinking about what they want to accomplish for the upcoming year. Vision boards are a natural fit during this time of the year. 

Still not convinced? 

What if I added on the fact that vision board parties can be really (really!) inexpensive! There are many ways to work around the costs by working with friends to host the event together. 

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Here are my eight top reasons why you should definitely host a vision board party this year: 


Have An Excuse To Drink Wine With Friends

I don't ever really need an excuse to drink wine with friends, but it's nice to pretend I do. During the year, us ambitious goal-getters are so focused on the next milestone or the next big to-do item that we rarely have time to simply catch up with each other. A vision board party is a great opportunity to invite your friends over and re-connect just to chat.

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Work On Your Goals

When I was invited to my first vision board party, I was in a terrible place in my life. That invitation prompted me to start thinking ahead. I started to ask myself questions like: 

  • What do I need to change in my life?

  • What do I really want in my life next year?

  • What goals do I want to set?

You'll notice that simply knowing your vision board party is coming up will help you start having those same conversations with yourself. 

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Create A Visualization

The best thing about a vision board party is that you have time and opportunity to bring your goals and ambitions and turn them into a masterpiece. At a vision board party, you have locked in a specific time to think through your goals and find the images and quotes that directly align with what you want to accomplish in your life. 

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Brainstorm and Talk Over Ideas With Friends

It's great to have ideas and goals that you want to accomplish, but you might be surprised what happens when you put your ideas in a room of ambitious friends. They'll start sharing their experiences with similar goals and what happened to them in the past. You'll learn all about what worked and what didn't. You might even learn some new ways of tackling that goal or new resources that you've never heard of before. They might even know a great person to connect you with to help you accelerate your goals. 


Make New BFFs

The first vision board party I ever attended was hosted by a friend and I didn't know most of the people in the room when I got there. However, after spending hours talking about who they were, where they are currently in their life and what they want to accomplish, I felt like I knew them for years. Vision board parties put people in a room and encourages vulnerability from every person. With a group of people all sharing their truth, it's impossible not to make new friends. 

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Share Your Expertise

Vision board parties are not all about getting information and connections from others, you also get to listen to goals and struggles that other people are dealing with and offer your own advice. 


Enjoy the Positive Vibes

I have never been to a vision board party that was not full (and possibly overflowing) with positive energy. Everyone in the room is highly optimistic about their goals, ready and willing to share their experience and expertise and there's wine.


Hosting a vision board party can be the best way to reconnect with friends (and maybe make new ones) for the best cause ever - walking into your best life ever. 


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Ready To Plan Your Next Vision Board Party?

Grab the party planning checklist I use to plan easy breezy (and totally unforgettable) vision board parties for my fav ladies!

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