What Magazines Should I Use For My Vision Board? Effective List of Do's and Don'ts

vision board magazines.png

Every December, I tend to go a little over board with the vision board parties (I usually end up doing about 5 every winter). In all my years of creating vision boards with friends, there are some magazines that get passed around the table several times and get picked over and cut out until there are only a few pages left. Then, there are reject magazines - the ones that no one bothers to touch and even if they haven't completed their boards, no one wants to take these magazines home.

How do you decide on what magazines to use for your vision board? Us get-it-done-gurus really don't have time to look through crappy magazines, do we? #AintNobodyGotTimeFoThat

Here's a straight-to-the-point list of do's and don'ts to help you create your next vision board effectively - with the right magazines. :-)  

The Do's

Magazines with BIG, BOLD images and titles.

Think about how your vision board will be structured. You want a combination of visuals and text that represent what you want to achieve throughout the year. Selectively flipping through magazines BEFORE you buy will give you a good feel of the magazine's layout and style.


Use magazines that align with your goals for the year.

I always recommend setting your goals before you create your vision board. Knowing your vision ahead of time keeps you from suffering from shiny object syndrome when everyone around you is setting lofty goals that sound really fun but have nothing to do with your vision. The other benefit to knowing your goals before creating your vision board is that you can now be effective in choosing your magazines. For example, if you know you're setting big money goals like paying down your student loan debt, you can shy away from the home decor magazines and go straight for the jugular (ahem.. I mean Money magazines).


Celebrity gossip magazines.

Trust me on this one... The gossip magazines come in handy when you want to put your she-ro on your vision board. If you want Rihanna, Beyonce or Michelle Obama, she will be in the gossip magazine - every week - slaying. 


Anything Oprah.

Every issue of the O magazine is vision board gold. It doesn't matter if you get the most recent copy or an older issue, the layout of this magazine was created to inspire your inner creator, builder and lover of life. (Yes, all of that was necessary.. and true.) You can't go wrong with the O magazine so if you're standing in line at the Walmart and you can't make a decision, buy 2 O magazines. #truth


The Don'ts

Time and The New Yorker.

I don't care if your goal is to become more learned and intellectual - these magazines will definitely help you do that. What these magazines won't do is give you that magical one-liner in a big, bold beautiful font that you can put on yoru vision board and glance at from afar. The wording here is brilliant, glorious, and tiny. It will not serve your vision board well, my friend. 


Retail Store catalogs

OK - I have been to several vision board parties where people just grab the catalogs that have been sent to their house all year and bring them to the vision board party. Yes, on occasion, people are just looking for a well-dressed person to put on their board. However, your J.Crew catalog hardly cuts it for most people's big hairy audacious goals. I promise you that Michelle Obama waving in a fab dress most of us can't afford will make it on the board instead. #WeDreamDifferent


Free city magazines from the grocery store

No explanation necessary. 

Crafting your vision board, whether you're by yourself or with a fab group of ladies, is a time of reflection on the successes of the past and a moment to dream about future possibilities. Choosing the right magazines gives you the opportunity to brainstorm and share stories with uninterrupted inspiration.