How To Successfully Host Your First Vision Board Party

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The year is almost over and I'm already getting mentally prepared for a new beginning. Right after the holiday season, we all will slowly drift away from holiday pies and gift giving into the inevitable my-life-is-gonna-be-super-lit-next-year mode. (I'm getting ready for all the inspirational posts and three full days of working out at the gym before February comes around and things go back to normal.)

Personally, I'm excited to get my vision board party on with my best girlfriends. Vision boards are done best as a community (in party form with Lauryn Hill playing in the background and an unlimited supply of wine nearby) because you'll get the benefit of sharing your ideas with friends and building your team of cheerleaders supporting you in reaching your goals - plus there's wine.

Once you have all the vision board party planning out of the way, your date is set, and all of your BFFs have invitations in their inbox - what happens next? What do you do once they arrive at your house and are mid-way through their second glass of wine?

There are three key pieces to hosting any super successful vision board party that you'll need to make sure it's fun and engaging, but not too overwhelming or structured.


Let Your Guests Introduce Themselves To Each Other

I love to start vision board parties by giving each person the floor, one at a time, to share both who they are, their experiences and their goals. I love when event hosts allow for full introductions to the entire room because you get to know a little bit about everyone in the room.

Without formal introductions, you are basically meeting people by chance based on what time you walk in to the party or who you randomly lock eyes with while getting your second brownie at the dessert table.

This is the best format for introductions at a vision board party because you can be more intentional about who you talk to before you leave. For example, if you're struggling to get a job in a certain field, but someone else at the party works in that field, you'll learn that during the introductions and you can make sure to chat with them at the party.  (Side note: This is also why it's important to limit the number of people present at the event - it's much harder to do introductions for 50 people than it is for 8-10.)

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Make Sure Everyone Knows What A Vision Board Is

While vision boards have gotten a lot of good press from celebrities and influencers sharing their great experiences using them, some people won't know what a vision board it so it's always good to give a brief introduction to vision boards.

You can share your experience or bring an old vision board to share with the group. You can also take some time to talk about different types of goals you can put on your vision board.

Vision boards are very versatile and don't only have to speak to your professional goals and relationship goals, but they can be a guide for anything you want to accomplish for yourself.

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Leave Room For Eating + Building + Networking

The best part of any event is that feeling you get at the end of the night when you walk away having met someone interesting or getting some life changing advice that you can immediately apply to your own challenges.

When I went to my first vision board party, my life was in a very sad place but I met women who assured me that they've been through similar issues and encouraged me to keep going.

They didn't see me the way I saw myself at the time, they saw my potential and I could feel the love and excitement about goal-crushing in the room. In order for anyone to get that experience at your event, you have to give them breathing room to meet and chat with the other people in the room.

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At the end of the night, your guests may not walk away with a completed vision board (and that's been true for the last 5 vision board parties I've been to) but they will walk away with new friendships, a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, and positive vibes that will last them for days. Let’s get your vision board party scheduled on the books! Here are some great ideas for Vision Board Party Invitations. I’m looking forward to hearing about your party!


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