Why Your Dreams Need A Home (and How to Create It)

A few weeks ago I met with a friend who has been stuck in a bit of a rut. Her rut, however, is more of a #firstworldproblems kind of rut. It's not the "OMG! My life is falling apart right before my eyes" kind of rut. In short, she envisions a massive future for herself BUT (there's always a but, right?) she doesn't have any motivation to change what she's doing right now.

She works at a job that pays her well, she does have a management role and she gets to do work she enjoys. (Not the worst thing in the world, right?) The problem is that in her free time, she daydreams about this story forming in her head - a brilliant story of war, heartache, triumph and family values. Each day the story becomes more complex. It's poking at her, begging to be shared with the world. 

Over peppermint tea, she shares with me her struggle with complacency. Her life is nothing short of enjoyable. That book (or screenplay - she hasn't decided) would add another layer of complexity to her life and she's not sure she's ready for it. Through her internal struggle, her vision is growing, each chapter of the story is now screaming at her, letting her know it's time to let it fly. 

Whether she pursued this book or not, it was time to give her dreams a place to live. Her dreams are currently occupying her brain space making it difficult to fully enjoy her life as it is because she feels like she's missing something. She feels like she needs to do this. There's a subtle feeling of disappointment in herself for not bringing her dreams to life. (... and we've all felt this at some point, right?)

What she didn't realize is that she didn't need to quit her job to sit down and pen this body of work over the next year. Instead she can start a small process of making her dream tangible by giving it a place to live. Right now, she could start the process of writing down the names of each chapter as they came to her. She could start with a small summary of what would happen in each of those chapters. She could develop the names of the characters and pen the details of their personality and appearance. She could write down the conflicts they went through and how they got through them. The possibilities are endless...

Creating a home for your dreams is simple, you can: 

  • Start a blog
  • Write down your ideas in a journal
  • Use Word Documents, Google Docs or Evernote

In doing this, you start making your dream tangible so, in small tiny pieces, it does become a reality. You also create a habit of taking steps towards your goal so that it's easier to keep the momentum going. (It won't be overnight, but within a few years, she will have that book.) Also, you stop feeling disappointed in yourself. Instead, you can feel proud that you've become that person that is making their dreams come true. In turn, you can fully enjoy the life you're currently living. 

Finding a home for your dreams is your opportunity to simply START. You don't have to share it with anyone. Every time you have an idea, you now have a place where you can write it down and hold on to it until you're ready to take the leap. Your idea is not lost to you and it's no longer in abstract. It exists and you, with minimal effort, are taking the first steps to bringing your dreams to fruition. 

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Why You Need A Vision Board JUST For Your Side Hustle... And How To Create One

I'm convinced that all serious side hustlers (myself included) love punishment. It's either that, or me and my over-achieving, avocado-toast-eating millennial friends really enjoy getting in from a long + exhausting day at work, plopping down on the couch... and pulling out our computers to continue building a business in our spare time. (Netflix, Hulu, FREE TIME? What's that?

Over the past year, I've been working as a Marketing Intelligence Analyst at the most amazing company ever (seriously, I LOVE my job) and when I get home, I find it difficult to switch from corporate mode (where I have to think about what I say BEFORE I SAY IT) to the #ThriveSquad goal-setting guru you know and love (where my goal is to show up as my most authentic self). I usually need a glass of wine somewhere in between to help my brain switch gears. 

One thing that's helped me immensely is creating a mission + vision board for ONLY Thrive Lounge to keep in my side-hustle work space. When I sit down to work on Thrive Lounge, I can immediately see what my short terms goals are and (because of the unique way I've created my side hustle vision board) I have my mission and vision readily available while I'm creating content for my #ThriveSquad. This guarantees that, no matter what I've been subject to (or influenced by) during my day, I will have a constant reminder of my purpose to guide me while creating content and events.

Creating a vision board for your side gig will only increase your productivity and help you stay on track no matter what life throws your way. Here's what you need to include: 



In short, your mission is what your company does for it's users. I love having this by my side at all times because I love listening to entrepreneurship podcasts and often get side-tracked when I hear a new tactic that worked for someone else to grow their business. Keeping my mission close by ensures I don't lose site of what I do - and why you lovely ladies are here. :)



Your vision is one sentence that describes the future of your company. What do you want your company to be 10 years from now? Knowing what your vision is will also ensure that you always know what you're working towards and what your big, hairy, audacious goal is for your side gig.

(Side note: If you're still nailing down your mission and vision, checkout the first two exercises in our annual blog post planner. #ThankMeLater) 


Target Audience

Your target audience is, in short, who you are serving with your products, services and content.For example, our target audience is the savvy & smart millennial women looking for a community to help her crush her goals. Being able to see a clear description of my target audience allows me to visually see who I'm talking to at all times. I recommend grabbing a magazine and cutting out pictures that remind you of your target audience. That way, while you're in the middle of content or product creation, you can always keep your audience top of mind and ensure you're serving them at every opportunity. 


Biggest 3 Goals You Are Working Towards Right Now

Every side hustler knows that there is a difference between being productive and being busy. Keeping your goals in plain sight on your side hustle vision board will make sure you are making good use of the few hours between your full-time job and your bedtime. Trust me, your side hustle will thank you! 

After you've created your side-hustle vision board, place it in the area where you're most likely to work. This will give you a constant reminder of who you serve, why you do it and what you're working towards. Happy Hustling! 


Create A Vision Board That Works

Download the FREE Big Vision Reflection checklist to build a vision board that will help you create MIRACULOUS change in your life.

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Join The #5DayVision Challenge

I'm an ambitious #girlboss who knows the value of having a BIG VISION for my life. I'm ready to take my lifestyle+hustle to the next level!

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July 2017 Blog + Traffic Report: Get To Success By Persevering Through The Failure

After last month's epic fail, I was determined to redeem myself. I'm starting to get used to the fact that it's warm outside and as much as I really want to spend my days ordering mimosas on somebody's rooftop or patio, I need to keep working on Thrive Lounge every day. 

This month, I've buckled down a little better than last month, to find that elusive balance in between enjoying the summer sun and moving forward on Thrive Lounge. 



- Fill the branding boss masterclass and have a successful event!   
- Create Sponsorship Deck
- Research Speakers for VisionCon 2017


Fill the branding boss masterclass

So... You guys, this was a disaster.... but not really. I could say it was a disaster because we only made one sale. However, I would like to call this a huge win for learning from my past life experiences. About 3 years ago, I sunk $5K into a business that I thought was going to be the Curlbox of kids crafts. I talked to my audience - who said that they LOVED the idea and would be happy to buy when it came out. When the product officially hit the market, I made $30. That was a real disaster. 

From that experience, though, I learned to pre-sell everything! I learned that no matter how valuable you think something is, your audience will vote with their wallet. Even though no one really bought tickets to the class, the only thing I invested was the 1.5 hours I used to create the landing page. #LifeLessons


create sponsorship deck

I'm incredibly proud to showcase this sponsorship deck! Last month, I totally slacked off and didn't get it done, but I did get it done this month and edited several times over. Check it out here. (By the way, I love criticism - I'm a glutton for punishment like that - so if you see something that just ain't right, let me know!)


Research speakers for VisionCon 2017

Every month, I try to take one small step towards preparing for our annual vision board conference but this time I threw in two. In the past few months, I've been really enjoying building a community around me through people I've met in online communities, the meetup group and our growing #ThriveSquad. With such a strong community all dedicated to pursuing their goals, I've decided I'm going to ask you guys who you want to see! 


Last Month: 633
Goal: none set
Actual: 888 (40% growth)


Last Month: 348
Goal: none set
Actual: 353 

888 Page views, 326 Facebook Likes, 353 Email List



  • 59% Pinterest
  • 27% Facebook
  • 7% Instagram
  • 7% Twitter







The meetup group is still serving the email list growth very well (so well that we're thinking about starting a second meetup group). In the past month, we've been able to meet millennial women creators in person and have great conversations about their goals throughout the year. It's also a great way to help you put a face and personality to your brand's personas.


Believe it or not, social media is not one of our goals this year. Instead, we're focusing on building our email list. The thinking behind this is that we do not own our followers on social media (ie. Facebook can change their algorithm whenever they want and they decide what followers see each post), but we do own our email list.  While we continue to track our following here, it's just to have full transparency. However, rest assured, if we have a random jump, we'll be sure to let you know why!

If you want to know how we got to our first 200 followers, take a look at our first month of blogging recap post.



I got a co-organizer for My Instagram Is LIT meetup group!

Makeda is the epitome of the DC Artist + Creative (Check out her IG here). She's a talented photographer that was the only person to show up to my first meetup. Now, she's joining me in running the group and bringing her mad photography skills and extensive knowledge of the DC Arts scene with her.  It's been a real blessing to bring such a huge talent onto the team. 

Monthly Goals (2).png


All of the growth that I've been able to make in Thrive Lounge this month has been as a result of the supportive community around me. As I continue to grow as an entrepreneur, it's evident that my way to growth will be through the tiny seeds I sow into the community around me. Additionally, every interaction, including my failures, have had a positive impact on Thrive Lounge's future. Not only am I not deterred by my failures, I'm also not hindered by my fears. I'm excited to move into the next step of my journey with the power of a community and life lessons as my guide. 

Create A Vision Board That Works

Download the FREE Big Vision Reflection checklist to build a vision board that will help you create MIRACULOUS change in your life.

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