Got Fear? Six Ways to Crush Your Fears and Boost Your Confidence

crush your fears

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No matter how much success you've seen or how great your business is doing, it can happen to you. 

I'm talking about fear.

Fear that you may not meet your goals. Fear that your next promo will fail. Fear that your business may fail.

And fear isn't necessarily bad. We all get scared or have doubts. But it's when we let our fears take over, that's when our confidence starts to waver. So instead of giving in to the fear, let's look at how you can reframe those fears, overcome them and remain confident in your business.


Step 1: Identify the fear. 

The first step - identify your fear. I mean REALLY identify it. Not in an "I'm afraid to do live video" kind of way. Go deeper than that. What about doing live video scares you? Are you afraid to say something wrong? If so, that probably means you're not really afraid of saying something wrong, but maybe you're afraid people will judge you or not like you. (#truth)

Focus on identifying root of your fears. If you get stuck, I encourage you to journal about it. Start with something like, "I'm afraid to do live video because..." and just let your thoughts flow. What comes up may surprise you.


Step 2: Determine how the fear affects you now.

Unless you understand how this fear is negatively affecting your life, you're not going to change it. Take a look at what your fear is doing to your life. What is it keeping you from doing?

Don't answer this at a base level, though. Let's go back to the example of being afraid to do live video. Maybe not doing live videos or webinars is keeping you from reaching a bigger audience. Or maybe it's keeping your engagement low. Maybe you're not getting as many sales as you could if you did do videos.

Also, think of what your life would look like if you continued to let this fear hold you back. Will you continue on the same path?


Step 3: Embrace your fear.

Like I said, fears themselves aren't a bad thing. It's a human thing. It's when we let them hold us back from doing something we actually want to do, or when they kill our self-confidence that's fears aren't your BFF.

So the next step is to embrace your fears. Admit you have them, but also think of what could come from embracing them and overcoming them. Imagine if you faced the fear. What would your life, or your business, look like then? Would your business expand? Would you sales increase? Would you be happier?


Step 4: Face your fear.

You can jump right in and face your fear, or you can imagine it.

Let's start by imagining. Say you were to actually broadcast live. What would happen? Is it  as scary as you think? Maybe people who have been following you start interacting with you, making you feel like you're talking to a friend. Or maybe no one sees it live and they only catch the replay. 

Our fears tend to make us think "worst case scenario!" when in reality, it's never as bad as we think it is. Plus, when we face our fears, we deflate them and take away their power.


Step 5: Boost your confidence.

If you still feel like your fear is messing with your mind, give yourself a confidence boost. Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished in your life and in your business. It could be graduating from college (or even high school). It could be landing your first paying gig or client. Basically you’re making an “I AM a badass” list. One that will remind you of the things you’ve overcome, the things you’ve face and what you’ve accomplished.


Step 6: Visualize how you want to feel.

You have total control over your fear. You can either let it control you, or you can control it.

Visualizing yourself facing your fear can really help you get over it. Imagine yourself doing it, and imagine the outcome being amazing.

No matter who you are, fear can creep up when things don’t go as planned, or when things take a nasty turn. Either way, fears hold us back. They crush our confidence in ourselves and in our businesses. Facing them head on will allow you to overcome any fears that pop up, and move forward with total, badass confidence.

About The Author

Corinne is a business mindset coach and visibility badass who strives to help passionate, powerful female entrepreneurs get over any fears that are holding their business back and finally succeed. Part mindset, part visibility, and lots of business confidence, Corinne helps women kick fear in the ass and build a business that fills their heart with joy. Visit her website for her free report: Is Your Fear Holding You Back?


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Creating A Vision Board? Make Sure You Have These Three Goals First

Create A Vision Board That Works

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Vision boards are incredibly popular around the beginning of each new year. Friends start hosting vision board parties and there is no shortage of #GoalGetter and #NewYearsResolution Instagram posts to use as inspiration for your newest workout routine, green smoothie challenge or amazing travel goals. We even created an entire vision board conference to ensure ladies their fill on leadership, entrepreneurship and career inspo before January 1st.

Over the years, I've created several vision boards and each one has pushed me to achieve a new level of success in my education, career and personal life. I am 100% a believer in the power of creating a vision board and speaking your success and intentions into existence. 

There are three key goals I make sure to put on my board that give me the inspiration to keep going when times get tough.  


S.M.A.R.T Goals

Every one and their mama is familiar with smart goals. So, I won't go through what they are by the acronym. In short, smart goals are well defined goals that focus on one, specific outcome and give you a timeline to accomplish it. It's no surprise that every educational institution, self-help program, mentor and goal-setting guru push people to create smart goals. When used properly, they work.

My current vision board has a goal of actually paying down a huge chunk of my student loan and credit card debt. This requires that I focus throughout the year and have monthly check-ins with my accountability partner. I use smart goals for the larger goals that need to be broken down into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Smart goals help you keep your eye on the prize and hold yourself accountable to your large goals over time.


Dream Goals

Dream goals are those BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS goals that take you out of your comfort zone and push you to do something you've never done before. One year, I was determined to cross the $75K/year mark, so instead of putting something general like "MAKE MONEY" or "GET RICH OR DIE TRYING" (shout out to 50 cent for the most memorable money line in millennial history) I took out a piece of paper and wrote out $75,000 with a green marker and posted it on my board. 

This allowed me to set a floor for what I would accept as a reasonable salary for my experience and my field. Having it on my vision board and keeping my vision board visible at all times, it kept my end goal top of mind every day. After several interviews and a large pile of "no, thank you" letters, I had energy and focus in where I was going and what I wanted. 

Set dream goals that are so big, you'll have to stretch yourself to get there. Even if you don't accomplish what you wanted, you'll be surprised at how far you've come. 


Lifestyle Goals

Lifestyle goals are honestly my favorite type of goal to set. These are the fun goals that speak your intentions into existence. (Don't you just love empowering sentences? 😃) Rather than setting a tangible, results-oriented goal, your lifestyle goal sets the tone for your big vision. 

I wanted to walk into 2017, shedding the negativity of my past and walking into a life of more adventure. How do you really find a quote for that? You don't! I was able to speak that positivity into my life by getting a collage of pictures and quotes. I found women doing yoga and bold, pink flowers that made me smile on the inside. I added quotes like "YOU DESERVE BETTER" and "LIVE BIG" and "Boldly Going" to constantly remind myself of what type of energy I want to allow into my life.

Your lifestyle goals might seem slightly ambiguous, but these will remind you about the person you want to be and give you a simple guide that you can apply to multiple situations in your life. 

Using all three types of goals on my vision board each year helps me to create specific, granular goals as well as pie-in-the-sky goals that push me to fight harder for my dreams. At the end of the year, I'm always surprised at my progress. 

Create A Vision Board That Works

Download the FREE Big Vision Reflection checklist to build a vision board that will help you create MIRACULOUS change in your life.

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April 2017 Goals + Blog Report: Realizing Why The World Needs A Vision Board Conference

Oh April! Seriously, the first quarter of the year has come and gone and I'm still trying to get my summer body back! I guess it's just not going to happen this year because I have other goals in mind. #2018Goals

In March, we got real about what we wanted out of Thrive Lounge and our annual Vision Board Conference and decided this is the year we host the MOST GRAND VISION BOARD CONFERENCE... EVER. We started to take steps toward that goal and we immediately realized we're standing at the bottom of an imaginary mountain made of road blocks, challenges and, in many cases, lack of knowledge.  

Oh well, I guess it's time to lace up our climbing boots. #JustDoIt


  • Find mentors for VisionCon 2017

  • Finalize the event Business Plan + Budget

  • Research Event Financing Options 

Finding Mentors

This has been an interesting journey to say the least! It's much easier than I thought to find successful people to speak with you about your business...

Wait. Don't think it's all roses and butterflies just yet! 

I spoke with one mentor that asked ALL. THE. HARD. QUESTIONS. He asked me about our email list, our web traffic and our online community. He really wanted to know who is watching their email box, waiting for Vision Board Conference tickets to go on sale? (Hopefully you! My #ThriveSquad got my back, right? 😃)  He cautioned that as I move forward on investing my time and energy into building the event of my dreams, I need to also focus on building the community. 

As a result of this conversation, you'll be seeing a lot of changes in the upcoming months... all centered around serving the community to the best of our ability... because we're nothing without you! 

Finalize Business Plan + Budget

Yes! We spent most of March...

  • Finding an amazing event planner
  • Visiting a beautiful conference space in DC
  • Chatting for hours about our BIG VISION for the conference

My event planner went to work in pricing out exactly how much our BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS CONFERENCE GOALS were going to cost. A huge plus is... she also walked us through marketing costs and profit!

(Side note: Shout out to outsourcing! We would've never been able to properly estimate costs for this! In fact, we would've took 3x as long to create a budget and terribly underestimated a lot of important factors that would hinder the event's success in the process.) 

Research Financing Options

With the new cost breakdown in hand, we knew that there are essentially two ways to finance this event - because Sallie Mae would not appreciate us taking her money to do it. #Truth We would have to get some investors or land some BIG sponsors. (Guess which one we decided on? Don't worry, I'll tell you before the post's over. :)

Page Views: 

  • Last Month: 619 Total Page Views
  • Goal: none set
  • Actual: 436

Email List: 

  • Last Month: 276 Total Email List Subscribers
  • Goal: none set
  • Actual: 315

436 Page views, 290 Facebook Likes, 315 Email List




  • 60% comes from Facebook
  • 34% Pinterest (Thank you Melyssa Griffin for the AWESOME Pinterest Tips :)
  • 3% Twitter
  • 2% Instagram





The email list has continued to grow steadily without any extra effort because we started a meetup group back in March! Starting a meetup group can be a great way to meet your target audience in person and build a stronger relationship with them the old fashioned way. 


Believe it or not, social media is not one of our goals this year. Instead, we're focusing on building our email list. The thinking behind this is that we do not own our followers on social media (ie. Facebook can change their algorithm whenever they want and they decide what followers see each post), but we do own our email list.  While we continue to track our following here, it's just to have full transparency. However, rest assured, if we have a random jump, we'll be sure to let you know why!

If you want to know how we got to our first 200 followers, take a look at our first month of blogging recap post


Took Stacey Ferguson's Sponsorship Strategy 2-day Intensive

Stacey's Sponsorship Strategy Intensive seemingly fell out of the sky at the exact right time. Now, I don't always like to get spiritual on the blog, but it is true what they say - when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

For those of you who don't know, Stacey Ferguson (aka. Justice Fergie) is the brilliant mind behind Blogalicious. She's the powerhouse behind the Blogalicious magic lining up sponsors like Coke and Dove year after year to host parties and hand out duffel bags full of gifts to attendees. She shared amazing info on how to identify and reach out to potential sponsors and how to make sure when you do pitch, you come correct. 

I'll be following Stacey's tips down to the letter in May and I'll keep you all updated on what happens next in this journey to create an unforgettable conference. 

  1. Start LIVE Interview Series
  2. Create Sponsorship Materials
  3. Reach Out To Potential Conference Sponsors 


The skills that got you into school, helped you get good grades, landed that cushy job you have are not the same skills you need to create something new. Becoming a creator requires lifelong learning. It requires humbling yourself and asking for help. It requires seeking knowledge and stepping out of your comfort zone. It requires late nights, sacrifices and dedication to your vision.

By the end of the month, we learned that this Vision Board Conference is something we believe the world needs. We inspire women like us to do exactly what we're doing - think outside the box, venture into new territory, build relationships and contribute to your community in a positive way. This is what empowers us to keep going. 


Are You Unstoppable?

Join our community of 300+ UNSTOPPABLE millennial women for exclusive access to premium content & events for women taking their career + hustle to the next level. (Yes, that's you, #Girlboss.)

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