9 Crowd-Pleasing (and Affordable) Wines You Need At Any Vision Board Party

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No vision board party is official unless there's wine involved.

You can forget everything you need to build the vision board, totally lose track of the magazines, forget to bring your cork board and lose the scissors on the way to the party and you can still have a successful vision board party. 

But forgetting the wine! Well, that's blasphemy! Throw in the towel, your party will be a dud.

Since wine is the cornerstone of the vision board party, you'll want to make sure you have the right kinds of wine and a good variety to make sure everyone in attendance will have something to sip on.

Here are my top recommendations for affordable wines to serve at your vision board party. I've divided the recommendations up into whites and reds (because I know it's difficult to know what's what just from the name). 

They're all from Revel Wines, an online wine shop that specializes in great-tasting wines that won't break the bank and they deliver it right to your door (one less thing to worry about while you're party planning!) 


The Whites

Your whites will be community tables faves, especially if you're serving light-feeling foods like chicken and fish options.


2014 Shadowland Reisling

The 2014 Shadowland Reisling is your ultimate crowd-pleaser wine. With a sweet, fruity taste, this wine pairs well with those shrimp skewers you plan on making. This is perfect to get the party started and get people talking to one another and sharing stories, (mainly because they won't be able to put their glass down)! 


2014 FLO Moscato

At every vision board party you go to, you'll have your wine newbies and your wine snobs. 90% of people are newbies and will want the sweetest rendition of wine you have. I always recommend getting a few bottles of 2014 Flo Moscato because, well, I've never found a newbie who didn't like the sweetness.  


2014 Sunday Funday White Blend

The Sunday Funday White Blend won't be as sweet as the moscato, but it will have a crispy, fruity refreshing taste to it. I'd pair this with some shrimp fried rice from the local chinese food spot. (Trust me on this one!)  


2016 Hyacinth Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite wine of all time - especially if it comes from New Zealand (and this one does)! It's not a sweet-lover's go-to kinda wine. (In fact, Sauvignon blanc is one of the driest whites out there!)  The crisp, fruity flavor of this wine if perfect for a Sunday Brunch vision board party.


The Reds

Since most vision board parties happen from November - January, I like to have a nice assortment of reds to sip on. Reds are better for winter because they're typically served room temperature and pair well with those hearty holiday dishes everyone's passing around the table.


2016 Our Daily Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

I love having a good cab lying around because this will be your "safe" wine that everyone has at least heard of once before. The 2016 Our Daily Organic Cabernet Sauvignon that can be paired with a smoked cheddar that will definitely keep the crowd happy!


2015 Whiplash Malbec

The Malbec is one of those "introduction to red wine" kinda wines. The 2015 Whiplash Malbec is a bold and intense red that pretty much starts a fruity party in your mouth. It is great paired with heavier meats like a steak or some barbecue ribs (though you'd want to find a way to serve them so it doesn't make a huge mess over anyone's big vision). 


2015 Whiplash Red Blend

 The Whiplash Red Blend is a bold California red that pairs well with spicy foods. 


You can get all of these wines (and several other amazing wines) at Revel Wine. Get $20 off your $50 order with the coupon code "TRYREVEL20" at checkout!

Planning for your vision board party can be a beast, but if you make sure you have the right wines available, everything else will fall into place. 



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Ready To Plan Your Next Vision Board Party?

Grab the party planning checklist I use to plan easy breezy (and totally unforgettable) vision board parties for my fav ladies!

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