8 Fun Vision Board Party Activities and Ice Breakers

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No matter what kind of party you attend there's always the chance that you'll show up and you won't know anyone in the room. It can be a little scary it's really up to the host of the party to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

The exact same thing could happen at a vision board party. Though we want to create a community where people can immediately dive into networking and sharing stories and being open about the things that they want to achieve it's easier said than done. Often you're bringing together  people who've never met each other in their lives and then asking them to be vulnerable and open about the things that they are sure they can accomplish.

To really get that community of sharing and vulnerability, make sure that the agenda for your vision board party includes a lot of ice breakers

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What's An Icebreaker?

Ice breakers are activities that help people in setting communicate know each other.

Here are my favorite ice breakers at a vision board party. 


Introduce Yourself

This one sounds simple, but I've been to several parties where it's completely up to you to introduce yourself to new people. I know I sound very outgoing, but there was a time in my life when I really struggled to introduce myself to people. Walking up to someone that I do not know and extending my hand out to say hi was always very awkward for me. I never knew what to say. Do I talk about the weather? Do I talk about do I ask them questions about their life? In then end, I'd stand around, lingering in a wishful kind of way, hoping that someone will come over to me.

Great party host will take the awkwardness out of meeting each other by giving everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves through a structured activity. To do this simply ask for attention in the room and ask each individual to introduce themselves to the entire room at once.

By creating a quick opportunity for people to introduce themselves, everyone is being equally as awkward as the other at the exact same time. Along with them introducing themselves, ask each person to say something about their work, their passions or their life experience. This makes it a lot easier for people to have conversation starters when they do eventually start having deeper conversations. 


Share your challenges

Vision board parties are unique because attendees walk in expecting to talk about their goals. No matter how accomplished or successful, goal-getters are always struggling with something. Since they're hard wired to find the next big goal, your attendees will always find new challenges, road blocks and (sometimes) completely new experiences where they don't know how to get started. 

By prompting people to share their struggles and challenges at the beginning of the vision for party, your attendees will have the rest of the evening to network already knowing what each person wants to do with the next phase of their life. That means that everyone will have the unique opportunity to share feedback, helpful tips and experience with each other. Attendees will end up leaving with a vision - and free coaching, mentorship and the answers to the challenges they have. 


Share Your Experience

Create an activity where everyone shares their professional experience.  Everyone at your vision board party wants to achieve something. Your goal as the party host is to help them in some way push their goal forward. By prompting the attendees to share their experience, each person in the room now knows who they can talk to for answers to questions they might have. 

For example, one person in the room might be a new business owner that wants to get more customers. This activity could help that person identify people who are experienced business owners, marketing professionals, business coaches, tax professionals or business attorneys. By encouraging people to share their experience, you can be the facilitator in bringing people together. 


Bucket list challenge

I love a good challenge to make people think about what they want to achieve in the next year. Everyone is familiar with the concept of a bucket list and they always have a few bucket list items that they want to accomplish someday but, life often gets in the way. Between work, meals, routines, children, husbands, and other miscellaneous obligations, people rarely have the time to dedicate to accomplishing the things on their bucket list.

At your vision board party you can give people an opportunity to think about the things on their bucket list and choose one to pursue in the upcoming year. Invite your attendees to share those things that they've always want to accomplish but haven't really had the opportunity to pursue with the entire group. This is an opportunity to get people break away from that regular old day-to-day routine that we're so used to living in and think about their grand future.


Life areas brainstorm

You will notice that several people show up with dreams for boosting their careers, side hustles, influence and affluence. Seems like people are really interested in making more money all the time so you don't have to worry about people walking in with #MoneyGoals.

You want to create a more well-rounded experience by asking people to think about how they can enrich the other areas of their life. Encourage people to share those relationship goals, health goals and spiritual goals. If you begin the conversation on talking about the other things that make people human, these can start to have those deeper conversations around everything that they want to start living their best life.

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The ask & Offer

The number one goal of a vision part party is to get people closer to what they want to achieve out of life. In this activity, you can encourage people to simply ask for what they want and tell the group what they have to offer others. 

Here's an example: "Hi, my name is Chantl. My big goal is to pay off my student loan debt next year. I'm looking for advice on debt paydown strategies and how to not drive myself nuts along the way. I work in marketing and in my free time I have a blog so if anyone wants to chat about either marketing or blogging I have a ton of tips to share!" 

Having this as an activity makes it easy for attendees to find the person in the room that can answer their questions easier. Each attendee can now has a better chance of getting help with their goals from people who can truly help them.


share the vision 

About 30 minutes before the event is over, ask everyone in the room to share the things that they put on their vision board. Many people do not finish their vision boards at the vision board party (and that's a good thing!) so they can share a few images and quotes that represent what they want to achieve next. This helps keep the conversation going even as people are leaving. 


If all else fails, share wine. 


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Vision board parties can be incredibly powerful if they are done the right way. Make sure everyone at your event has a great goal-setting experience by encouraging them to share their story,their goals, and the things that they need help with.  Getting all of the people engaged in conversation around their goals will make sure that everyone has a positive at your vision board party.


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