What Changes When You Create a Vision Board


If you’ve never created a vision board before, it’s probably hard to understand exactly why you’d want to go to the store, buy a million magazines, spend hours looking through them, cut out pictures of smiling models and fancy food, and then labor over a piece of poster board like a third grader trying to finish a science fair project.

Then again, you may have heard that some your friends swear by these little creations. Is it worth it?

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I’ve been creating vision boards for several years now, and after my first creation turned my life around (like full on rags to riches), I refuse to begin a year without one.

One of my blog readers recently asked me: What really changes in your life when you create a vision board? It is in fact true true, you don’t get skinnier over night, you won’t be 100% confident by morning, and no one is going to deposit extra money into your bank account. You still have to work hard for all of those results.

So why not just skip the vision board and work hard, right?

There are three things that changed dramatically when I created my first vision board. I’ve noticed that I still feel the same way every time I create a new vision board at the beginning of each New Year.

I asked what I want out of life.

Before that moment, I was taking whatever life had to offer me without making any decisions of my own. I was reacting to life. I accepted whatever came my way. I had no plan. No goals.

When my relationship wasn't working out - I simply gave more of myself, hoping that someone would choose me.

When I was rejected from every school I applied to, I gave up.

When studying for the GRE was difficult, I told myself that I was bad at standardized exams. Grad school wasn't meant for "people like me" (yeah, I actually said that).

When my friend invited me to her Vision Board Party, I only agreed to go because I didn’t really have anything else to do. But creating my first vision board, required me to ask ,and really think about the question: “What do You Want?” For the first time ever, I ignored who wanted me and what they wanted me to be and who they wanted me to become. I paid attention to the things that I wanted without any input from any other human in this world.

Answering that question was hard (because I’m a grade-A people pleaser), but answering that question gave me freedom to re-discover my desires. It helped me set meaningful goals. It gave me something to work towards. It gave me focus.

I started to believe I could actually do something about it.

My first vision board convinced me that I could accomplish something. That's it.

I set the bar really low. At that time in my life, I felt like such a failure that it would have made me super proud just to finish something I started.

But the most important thing is, that I made a choice. I was no longer waiting around to be pushed into a corner, broken up with or rejected.

I would do my best to finish… something.

I started to choose.

It was the biggest mindset shift I ever made - and that decision to start choosing for myself, is what changed my life.

To tell the truth, a vision board is not some almighty creation that instantly changes your life. It’s an enabler. It enables you to think through your desires with no input from the world around you. It enables you to be honest with yourself. It enables you to choose a life you want, instead of accepting the life expected of you. It empowers you. Dream big my friend.


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About Chantl

Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her workbook, The Vision Board Planner, gives women a step-by-step guide to create a super effective and life-changing vision board.

If You Want To Be Happy, Try Journaling


A few years ago, I was incredibly depressed.

My finances were spiraling out of control. I had a huge amount of debt. I ended up doing a voluntary repossession of my car, AND I moved back in with my parents…. after 6 years of living on my own. #thiswasnthowIplannedmylife

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It was a very low point in my life, but there was one thing that kept me going. That one thing, was waking up every morning, grabbing a cup of hot tea, and journaling about anything and everything that was on my mind.

For many people, journaling is therapeutic, but for me it was life saving.

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Many of the benefits I got from journaling are things you may not see, but that will end up making a HUGE difference in your life.


In everyday life, we spend time worrying about our boss, our bills, our family and friends. If you're a parent, that worry and devotion to others is multiplied tenfold as the free time that you do get, usually goes to your children.
Taking a moment to journal gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself. It gives you the opportunity to ask yourself what you want out of life today, and every day going forward. It also gives you a moment that is for you and only you.


Studies show that peole who write down their goals accomplish more than those who don't.

With a journal in hand, you have a daily reminder to think about your goals. Write. Them. Down. By constantly thinking about what you want, and actually putting it it in writing, your goals will be at the forefront of your mind during your everyday life. Subconsciously, your goals will start pushing you forward every day.


Have  you ever felt like you have too much on your brain? That's probably because….. you do.

Journaling gives you a space to unload all the little things on your brain that you think about. Sometimes unloading them can help you to prioritize them. And having a clear focus on what you need to accomplish, will reduce stress in your life.


If you can make a daily habit of writing in your journal, over the years you will have a log of all the things that you thought about, all the things that you wanted out of life, and all the struggles along the way. As you accomplish your goals, take a look back through earlier pages. It will show you just how much you have grown and accomplished over time. It may surprise you how much you can grow in just one year.


Journals are also associated with mindfulness and reflection.

In my journal, I go a step further and add an affirmation every day. In the lowest times during my life, finding a new affirmation for each day would give me a theme for the day to strive for. It was a positive reminder that I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to and that I could turn this ship around.

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As I wrote in my journal each day, I realized that even if today didn’t turn out so good, it would NOT define the end of my story. Slowly, but surely, I stopped thinking about how many things were going wrong. I started asking myself how could I fix them, and I started seeing the good in each day.

If you allow it to, journaling can be a great tool to help you reflect on your past and on the goals you have set for your future. In more ways than one, your journal can help you reach those goals and change your mindset. #goalgetters #mindsetreset #rise

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Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants that they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her book, Goal Doing: Practical Advice For Goal Setting, Action Planning and Achieving Your Dreams, gives women a step-by-step guide to create, plan and achieve their grandest goals.