How To Name Your Vision Board Party

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If you’ve ever hosted any event, then you know coming up with the perfect name is often difficult. Vision board parties are no different.

Giving your vision board party the right name will help to attract the right type of people to your event and help you communicate exactly what your event is about.

Given the nature of vision boards, you’ll obviously want to create a name that is inspiring and motivating. However, there are other things that you can do to make sure you’re getting your point across clearly.


Who would you like to attend your event? Are you specifically looking to target people in a particular industry? Is your event for business owners? Is your event specifically for students?

If you want to attract a specific person, then you should use that information to drive the name of your event.

If your event is targeting local creatives, then naming your event “A Colorful Future: The Vision Board Party For Creatives” will let people know that you are directly targeting them and that they can expect to meet other local creatives.

By using the target audience directly in the name of the event, you are choosing a particular niche and it helps to drive the activities, setting, décor, and food. It will also help set expectations for the people attending.

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What problems are you trying to solve with your event? For example, are you helping moms get better balance in their life? Are you primarily focused on helping people pay off their debt and create a better financial situation for themselves? Do you want to create a vision board party to help others?

I’m sure you’d like your vision board party to help someone do something (even if it’s just to get a night out to socialize and to have some time to focus on their goals). You can build that information right into the name of the event.

For example, if your event will specifically speak to how to set and achieve goals, then a great name for your vision board party might be “The Goal Getter’s Vision Board Party.” This shows both who this event is for (anyone who wants to focus on their goals) and exactly what the main focus of he event will be (goal-getting).


Maybe you just want to have a good time with this vision board party. Perhaps you don’t have a preference for a specific audience and you don’t really have one major goal in mind. Maybe your main goal is just to have fun! (That’s OK, too!)

In that case, you could name the vision board party according to the theme of the event. The first vision board party I attended was a potluck where family and friends gathered together. It was called ‘The Vision Lounge’ and it was appropriately named reflecting that we were there to drink wine, socialize, chat about life and have a great time. The name directly mirrored the way we felt at the vision board party.

When you’re hosting a vision board party, I would encourage you not to overthink about the name. The most important part about a vision board party is the experience. As you consider the name, think deeply about what type of experience you want people to have along the way. As long as those two things are aligned, you’ll be on the right track.

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Grab the FREE party planning checklist I use to plan easy breezy (and totally unforgettable) vision board parties!

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