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How To Make A Digital Vision Board

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For the past several years, I've taken time to think through my life and put focus on what I want to create next for myself. Then, I create a vision board.

What is a vision board? 

Vision boards are tools used to visualize the goals we want to accomplish in our lives. While it may look like a small poster board with magazines, I see it as an opportunity to take time away from everyday life to think strategically about how you want to live and who you want to become in your future. 

Your vision board is a result of that thought process. 


Why create a digital vision board? 

Simply, because everything is digital these days!

One important step in visualizing your future is the actual "visualizing" part. The more you can visualize your goals, the more real they will become. When you create a digital vision board, you can take it with you anywhere you go and you'll have 24-hour access to it.  A dose of inspiration anytime you need it.


Step One: Decide on your goals

Whether you're creating a paper vision board or a digital board, you have to start off with the vision that you ultimately want to accomplish. If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you create a vision board to support it?

Decide on the goal you want to accomplish first. Then think about what you want the rest of your life to look like. For example:

  • Spend more time with friends and family?

  • Focus more on self care?

  • Pursue a life long passion?

  • Take up a new hobby?

Your vision board is a blank canvas to build the life you want so you have to start with a clear idea of the goal before you get started.

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Step Two: Find Your Images

 When it comes to your vision board, images are EVERYTHING. (Yes, it’s that serious!)

Since this is a digital vision board, you won’t need any magazines! #WooHoo. Instead, find your favorite pictures and images online. Here are my favorite websites for free images:

  1. StockSnap

  2. Pixabay

  3. Pinterest

You could also do a quick google search for your favorite celebrities, fashion styles and events. No website it off limits! Since your vision board is for personal use, you can print out any pictures you want that inspire you to keep moving towards your goals.  

Step Three: Create Your Collage


Create a collage using any collage smartphone app

 PicCollage (a photo collage app available on both Apple and Android)

Create an image using Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool for everyone. This is a super easy to use tool with built in shapes, text, graphics and plenty of templates to choose from.


Create a Pinterest board for it

If you’re already a Pinterest user, this might be a simple choice for you. Create a Pinterest board with images, quotes and blog posts that support your big vision for your life.

Pro tip: If you don’t want others to have access to it, simply make your board secret so your posts will only be available to you when you need some inspiration.

Step Four: EDIT

 Now that you have all of your images, it’s time to edit it! Take a second look at each image you put on your digital vision board and ask yourself one question:

Does this fill my soul?

If you don’t look at an image and think HELL YES then it’s likely not going to keep you inspired over a long period of time. You want to maximize the affect of each image and quote on your vision board.

Take out the mildly inspiring images and replace them with images that light you up!

Step Five: Make it Your Screensaver on your phone or desktop

Once you’re all done creating your vision board, take a screenshot of it and make it the screensaver for your phone or desktop computer.

This insures that you’ll be able to see your vision board daily. See it. Breathe it. Believe it. Live it.


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About Chantl

Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her workbook, The Vision Board Planner, gives women a step-by-step guide to create a super effective and life-changing vision board. 

How To Name Your Vision Board Party

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Name Party.png

If you’ve ever hosted any event, then you know coming up with the perfect name is often difficult. Vision board parties are no different.

Giving your vision board party the right name will help to attract the right type of people to your event and help you communicate exactly what your event is about.

Given the nature of vision boards, you’ll obviously want to create a name that is inspiring and motivating. However, there are other things that you can do to make sure you’re getting your point across clearly.


Who would you like to attend your event? Are you specifically looking to target people in a particular industry? Is your event for business owners? Is your event specifically for students?

If you want to attract a specific person, then you should use that information to drive the name of your event.

If your event is targeting local creatives, then naming your event “A Colorful Future: The Vision Board Party For Creatives” will let people know that you are directly targeting them and that they can expect to meet other local creatives.

By using the target audience directly in the name of the event, you are choosing a particular niche and it helps to drive the activities, setting, décor, and food. It will also help set expectations for the people attending.

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What problems are you trying to solve with your event? For example, are you helping moms get better balance in their life? Are you primarily focused on helping people pay off their debt and create a better financial situation for themselves? Do you want to create a vision board party to help others?

I’m sure you’d like your vision board party to help someone do something (even if it’s just to get a night out to socialize and to have some time to focus on their goals). You can build that information right into the name of the event.

For example, if your event will specifically speak to how to set and achieve goals, then a great name for your vision board party might be “The Goal Getter’s Vision Board Party.” This shows both who this event is for (anyone who wants to focus on their goals) and exactly what the main focus of he event will be (goal-getting).


Maybe you just want to have a good time with this vision board party. Perhaps you don’t have a preference for a specific audience and you don’t really have one major goal in mind. Maybe your main goal is just to have fun! (That’s OK, too!)

In that case, you could name the vision board party according to the theme of the event. The first vision board party I attended was a potluck where family and friends gathered together. It was called ‘The Vision Lounge’ and it was appropriately named reflecting that we were there to drink wine, socialize, chat about life and have a great time. The name directly mirrored the way we felt at the vision board party.

When you’re hosting a vision board party, I would encourage you not to overthink about the name. The most important part about a vision board party is the experience. As you consider the name, think deeply about what type of experience you want people to have along the way. As long as those two things are aligned, you’ll be on the right track.

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Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her Sold Out Vision Board Parties, online course, helps success and mindfulness coaches host profitable, effective and transformative vision board parties.

How Do Vision Boards Work?

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.


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The first time I created a vision board I honestly did not think it was going to work.

I was in a place where I needed to change my life - struggling with depression, working too many jobs and paying way too many bills - when a good friend invited me to a vision board party.

I didn’t believe in “the power of vision boards.” In fact, I probably rolled my eyes at the concept entirely. However, my life was definitely sailing in the wrong direction and I was willing to try anything to turn that ship around.

So I attended… I am so glad that I did.

That year marked the year of change for my mindset, my personal strategy and rejuvenated my optimism.

Just a few years after creating my first vision board, I was able to go back to school, get a graduate degree, land my dream job, start saving money, and start getting out of debt.

Many people, like me, are skeptical of the whole idea of creating a vision board. You might be wondering how a vision board actually works. You might be wondering what in the world these magazine clippings are really doing and why people swear by them. (Trust me, I was certainly wondering my first time around!)

The entire process around creating a vision board provides insights, encouragement and motivation for you to continue moving towards your goals. Here’s why:

A Focused Time To Reflect on the things you want to change

Before I created my first vision board, I worried about everything I was going through in my life ALL THE TIME.

I worried about my exhaustion from working multiple jobs. I worried about paying rent, a car note and buying food for my family. I worried about debt collectors calling me daily for bills I couldn’t afford to pay.

The time I spent creating a vision board was a silent time where I could reflect on my negative feelings and not see them as infinite. I could FINALLY see them as things I had the power to change.

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Space and opportunity to think about your goals

When you create a vision board, you think about the changes you would like to make in your life.

Before my first vision board, I was always on the move. With three jobs, endless worrying, and one get rich quick attempt scheme after another, I did not have a free moment to stop thinking about today’s problems.

I didn’t have the time to think about what I wanted for tomorrow.

Creating a vision board gave me a designated time to pull myself out of today’s challenges and think about my future.

Simply focusing on the changes I wanted to make was an opportunity to brainstorm about what I’d need to do to get there.

Dream about the possibilities

Vision boards help you dream about things you didn't think were possible.

The idea behind a vision board is to think about the things that you don't allow yourself to think about on a daily basis.

For example, you might want to be a writer but you as soon as you start to dream about your life as a writer, you also consider:

  • The bills you have to pay

  • The family you have to feed

  • The things your parents, friends, job expect of you

Those realities can disable your ability to dream because you immediately tell yourself things like:

  • “Now is not the right time to pursue because I have a small child.”

  • “I can’t take the time to write because I have a demanding job”

  • “Once I finish this work project - then I’ll worry about pursuing my dreams.”

A vision board may feel more like a dream space than reality.

That blank canvas, made especially for dreaming big, gives you enough flexibility to re-discover those passions you left by the way-side, those hobbies you’re ignoring, those innate talents you don’t give yourself enough time to use.

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Creating a visual accountability partner

After you create a vision board, you’ll have a daily reminder of your goals an aspirations.

If you put it in a space where you will see it everyday, you can reflect with your vision board on a daily basis. This will also serve as your constant motivator and source of inspiration as you work through your goals.

Unlike a list of New Year’s Resolutions that can easily be lost, or a journal entry that you can forget about, your vision board sits in a space where you have constant interaction with it.

You’ll have of all the promises you made to yourself, the unfinished dreams waiting to be completed, the goals that you are working towards right before your eyes every day.

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By its appearance, a vision board might seem like a silly arts and crafts project.

In reality it is a space to dream, a canvas to wonder, a reminder of what you really want and a visual accountability partner to keep you motivated when times get rough.

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About Chantl

Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her workbook, The Vision Board Planner, gives women a step-by-step guide to create a super effective and life-changing vision board.