How to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone... And Start Thriving At Something New

get out of your comfort zone

Change Course... Like A #Girlboss

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About two years ago, before I became a rockstar coding machine and a vision board guru, I realized I made a lot of bad choices (they all seemed smart at the time) and I was standing at a dead end in my personal life wondering, quite candidly, how in the world did I get here?

Better yet, I kept asking myself how do I get out of this?

I tried everything from reading books, going to networking events and journaling, meditating, and going screen-free for an hour every morning (because that's what successful people do according to click-bait articles), but nothing was working for me. That's when I decided to find a way that would work for me and my personality.

Here are the four steps I took that pushed me to commit to my goals and FINALLY become the change I wanted to see in my life. 


Take a class that costs REAL MONEY.

Why does it have to cost money, you ask? Well, how many of us have a gym in our apartments or in our offices at work? Now, how many of us REALLY go? No matter how many free options I've ever had, the only time I've ever been consistent with going to the gym is when I'm paying a monthly fee to hop on a treadmill or take a zumba class. No matter who you are or where you are, MONEY TALKS. 

Even in goal setting, when you put your money on the line, that sends a jolt to your brain that you've invested in making this goal a reality and it it now your job to make it come true. There are plenty of places to find free classes (and I completely recommend taking them and leveling up your skills) but when you're making a BIG change to something you've never done before it doesn't hurt to have a psychological motivator to keep you going when times get tough. 

Pro tip: Take a class that has a specific date and time. Recorded lectures give you the opportunity to say "I'll do this tomorrow" or "I'm tired right now, I'll come back to this later." When you know that you have to be present on a certain date and time to take the class, you will be there, pen-and-paper in hand. (Bye-bye procrastination!)


Get an accountability partner

A good accountability partner can be life changing. In short, this is a person that calls you at a particular date and time on an ongoing basis to talk about your progress on your goals. This can be a best friend or an acquaintance as long as they're focused on helping you achieve your goals and they are CONSISTENT.

When I was preparing to go back to grad school, I was ANNOYED with studying for the GRE. To be honest, I hated it. No matter how much I knew I needed to do this to get into a good program, I could not actually stay consistent with studying. I would start, study for an hour and then put the book down for a month or two. This cycle would continue for over a year until I decided to get a study partner. Every week for 3 months, my friend and I would choose what chapters we'd study, set concrete goals in how we scored in the sample tests and call each other on Sundays to touch base. 


Hire a professional.

Hiring a professional is not always necessary, but sometimes the skills you don't have can be a barrier to getting started with what you want. For example, you want to open a bakery and you are the best baker IN THE WORLD, but you don't know how to set up a website. In fact, you've been trying to set up this website for months and you're still confused by the software.

This website is the one thing standing in the way of you and your dream because you're spending hours on end trying to figure out something that has nothing to do with baking. Rather than using this as an excuse to push back your launch date (...again), hire someone to take care of the tech while you focus on being the best baker (or writer, or entrepreneur) out there.

Pro tip: If you don't want to go through the struggle of searching online and hoping for the best, go to and hire a freelancer. I love this site because it's easy to compare offerings and have transparency in costs. 


Get started.

TODAY. (Yup, it's that simple.)

Change Course... Like a #Girlboss


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5 Things To Do BEFORE You Make a Vision Board

Create A Vision Board That Works

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In the past three years, I've kinda become a pro at creating a vision board that works. Seriously, no matter how much my life sucks and how big and unrealistic my vision is, every single vision board I've created has pushed me to make the impossible possible in my life, like, Olivia-Pope-style. (Yup, I am totally a goal-gladiator. #truth)

I know, it's hard to believe that a tiny board with some magazines clippings on it has so much power, but the truth is that it works because of HOW I created it. I didn't just slap some pictures of Oprah on a poster board and call it a day.... I spent weeks reflecting internally about what I wanted and then combed through magazines tossing out anything that didn't literally SPEAK VOLUMES to my soul. 

The entire process takes weeks... and each time, it's totally worth it. 

Here are the five things you should do BEFORE you even begin creating your vision board:


Reflect on what you've already accomplished this year.

A lot of things happen over the course of 1 year. Seriously, if you consider the Twitterverse, a lot of things happen over the course of 1 day. (In any 30-minute span, you could see public outrage over some company's insensitive+non-inclusive ad followed by excitement over the latest zoo animal to have a baby which quickly gets upstaged by a Kardashian being, well, a Kardashian.)

Taking account of your successes will help you understand what you need to build on. 
— Thrive Lounge

Take a moment to reflect on what has happened in your life in the past year. What did you accomplish? What did you try and fail at? What did you do that made you proud this year? 

Taking account of your successes will help you understand what you need to build on. 




Think about the direction you want to take your life next.

In 2015, I set a goal to learn about data science. Once I learned about data science, I was able to set a new goal to get a data science job the following year.

Each step that you will take can build on your past success as well, if you want it to.  Once you're clear on where you've been, you can be responsible for where you're going and set goals that will help you get there.


What Do You Want To Change?

No matter who you are, where you are or how successful you are, everyone knows at least ONE THING they want to change about themselves. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you have a successful business and a ton of money, but you want to build your family relationships more. Maybe life is mostly good but you really want to strengthen your marriage. 

The things you are unhappy with are the key to determining where you want to go next. Once you understand exactly what you want to change, you can do the real work figuring out HOW you will change it. 


What Would You Do Differently... If There Was Nothing Holding You Back?

I know what you're thinking... what do you want to change and what would you do differently are pretty much the same thing! (I swear they are not! 😃)

Often, we find ourselves in an unusual position where we have something that we want to change, but there's nothing we can really do about it. 

For a quick example, I REALLY REALLY want to pay off my student loan debt, but I also REALLY REALLY don't have $40K to make it rain on the Department of Education. I do make a nice drizzle every month, but I'd certainly pay them off in full if I could. 

Most people have at least one thing that ties them to something they don't particularly want in their life like your spouse's job may keep you in a certain area, your children's daycare costs may keep you from saving as much as you want or aging parents consume your free time so you can't start that business you've been thinking about. 

Think about what you would do if none of those barriers were holding you back from living the life you want today. 


Be clear on your next BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

Having a goal in mind BEFORE you start clipping cute quotes and pictures out of inspirational magazines is crucial to creating a vision board that serves your purpose. 

Your goal could be...

  • Taking a Chance To Build On Your Past Success
  • Changing Something In Your Life That's Making Your Unhappy Right Now
  • Finding A Way To Eliminate (or get around) The Barriers Holding You Back From Living The Life You Want

ONLY when you have a clearly defined goal can you be strategic about finding the visuals to put on your vision board to serve that goal. 

You vision board CAN transform your life, but it's your job to build the transformation you want to see.  

Create A Vision Board That Works


Download the FREE Big Vision Reflection checklist to build a vision board that works for you!

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March 2017 Blog + Income Report: Inching Towards Our Largest Goal To Date

march income blog report goals

At Thrive Lounge, we encourage women (well, everyone... but mainly women) to visualize what they want and work towards it, no matter how scary it may seem. The past two months since our first Vision Board Conference have been exhilarating. We've gotten back AH-MAZING feedback from women that, because of our conference, have decided to get back in the driver's seat of their lives and TAKE CONTROL of their destiny. (Doesn't that statement give you so much life!)

After watching all this #GirlbossMagic for the past two months, we've decided to step outside of our own comfort zone to.... (drumroll please)

produce the highest quality vision board event... ever.

We're incredibly excited by this goal for two reasons:

  1. We plan to reach MORE WOMEN... (6X more women to be exact)
  2. We WILL add more VALUE by bringing in top speakers, presenting workshops that will catapult you into 2018 AND make sure we have the best food + drinks + giveaways. 

This month, we started working towards this end goal as well as the others we set last month.

The Recap - March Goals: 

  • Start planning for VisionCon 2017.
  • 238 Email List Subscriber (10% increase from February 2017)
  • 948 website page views (10% increase from February 2017)
Traffic Report

Page Views: 

  • February 2017: 862
  • February Goal: 948 page views
  • Actual: 619

Email List: 

  • January 2017: 217 Total Email List Subscribers
  • Goal: 238
  • Actual: 276

619 Page views, 266 Facebook Likes, 276 Email List

Top traffic sources:

30% came from search (we've been stepping our SEO game up lately)

30% came from Direct Link

30% came from Social Media

  • 45% comes from Facebook
  • 25% comes from Twitter
  • 15% Instagram
  • 15% Twitter

10% came from other places on the interwebs

Top Pages visited this month: 

Email List:

The email list jumped up a bit last month because we started a meetup group! Starting a meetup group can be a great way to meet your target audience in person and build a stronger relationship with them the old fashioned way. 

Social Media:  

Believe it or not, social media is not one of our goals this year. Instead, we're focusing on building our email list. The thinking behind this is that we do not own our followers on social media (ie. Facebook can change their algorithm whenever they want and they decide what followers see each post), but we do own our email list.  While we continue to track our following here, it's just to have full transparency. However, rest assured, if we have a random jump, we'll be sure to let you know why!

If you want to know how we got to our first 200 followers, take a look at our first month of blogging recap post


What else happened this month: 

Nonprofit Vision Board Workshop

We LOVE doing nonprofit + corporate vision board workshops. This month was incredibly empowering because we had the opportunity to do a vision board workshop at Bridges to Independence, a nonprofit that helps lead individuals out of homelessness and into permanent homes. 

CLARITY Mastermind For the Ambitious Girlboss

CLARITY Mastermind was a huge success! We got a first hand look at the types of questions people have about their businesses and learned the lessons others have picked up along their entrepreneurial journey.

Goal Setting April

Find mentors for VisionCon 2017
Finalize the event Business Plan + Budget
Research Event Financing Options

What we learned:

Tiny steps every day add up to a huge impact down the line. Even though we don't always see the result of our investment in the short term, if we stick with it we can all make a huge difference in our lives. The biggest take away this month is to invest your time, money, and energy wisely.

As a wise woman once said (thought no one really knows who)...