Create a Vision Board That Actually Serves You (Not Just One That Looks Good)

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I'm a huge fan of creating a new vision board at the beginning of each year. Since I started three years ago, it's taken me longer and longer to complete my board because I like to make sure the images and quotes will serve me all year long - and it has to be reflective of what I really want to accomplish.

Vision boards (especially those made with friends and complimented with wine) can help give you a vision of what to aspire to and what you want to accomplish. I personally like them because my vision board usually help me make huge changes in my life and during rough times, it helps me stay committed to the goals and keep my eye on the prize.

For your vision board to really work in helping you reach your goals, you have to make sure that it is a great representation of what you want to accomplish.

Seems easy, right?

The truth is... creating a representation of your goals is not so easy because...

In 2017, we're all suffering from major FOMO. You see someone creating an online business or popular YouTube channel, traveling the world or living their dreams (don't even get me started on the friends getting engaged and having beautiful weddings) and all of the sudden you want to see your life go in a similar direction. In reality, you COULD want something completely different, but constantly being connected is keeping you from focusing on your own goals.

Self help podcasts + books + articles + gurus tell you what you want... rather than you deciding what you want. No matter where we go, we're constantly plugged in, listening to some successful person talking about how they achieved their level of success... dangling their implied fame + fortune in your face, only for you to try every method possible to reach that same success. When, all the while, their success may not be aligned with your idea of success.

To create a vision that served you, you gotta get clear on what you want. Try these four activities to get there:


Take account of what energizes you and makes you happy

Think back to a time where you were on top of your game. You felt great, you were rewarded for your success and impact AND, most importantly you were proud of yourself. What were you doing at that point in your life?

Try to make sure those same actions and activities are apart of your big vision.


Decide what you want out of your life

What's the end goal, here? What are you working towards? A year from now, what does your ideal life look like? If you can get clear on what you want, you can create a vision that will help you get there.


Decide what you're going to say NO to

Show me your calendar and I'll show you your priorities. Sometimes we can get caught in a trap of making everyone around us happy with miscellaneous tasks that have nothing to do with what we want out of life. When you decide what you are going to stop doing (and say "No" to) you get to make more room for the things you say yes to.... and start doing more of the things that will push you closer to accomplishing your goals.


Triage your life

Everyone hates going to the Emergency Room because they take entirely too long to get to you UNLESS something has gone terribly wrong and you need help RIGHT NOW. Imagine that every aspect of your life is waiting for you to optimize it in the ER. Look at everything - your personal finances, relationships, education, career and everything in between - and decide which one needs the most attention. Thinking about your priorities like this will help you make the changes that will make a huge difference in your life.


Following these four activities to create a clear vision will help you create a vision board that really changes your life.

Happy Creating!


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