Vision Board Party Marketing 101: Four Ways To Share Your Event

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Every year I host a vision board party. Sometimes it’s a HUGE endeavor where I invite several speakers out and other times it’s a smaller potluck where we simply invite people out to share their story, talk about goals and drink way too much wine.

Creating a life changing vision board party experience is only one half of the equation. You also have to get people in the room excited about setting goals and changing their lives to make it all worthwhile.

One thing I’ve learned, is how to get people to my events come hell or high water. I’ll be honest here - It’s difficult to sell seats. Especially when no one knows who you are, but I’ve managed to do it year after year.

Here are my top four tips for marketing your vision board event:

Landing Page

Your landing page is where people will reserve tickets for your event. I like to use Eventbrite for my ticket sales because people are often already searching this site for local events they can attend. This is a great site for getting attendees who you don’t know and who don’t have exposure to your brand to attend your event. It’s also super easy to use.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best tools I’ve ever used to get people to attend my events. Many people learn about Thrive Lounge through my website and will attend events in the future through email marketing. I use this channel to tell people when I have a new event coming up. If they’re interested in attending, they can use the link directly in the email to sign up.

If you don’t already have an email list that you can reach out to, you can still use email marketing! You can send an email to your friends and family asking them if they’d like to come to your event, or ask them to share with their friends who might be interested.

Social Media

Think about where you find out about things that are happening in your area - usually it’s from your friends on social media!

If you’re hosting an event you can use

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Snapchat

There are so many social media platforms that it can get tiring trying to post everywhere. Instead, focus on the platforms that will reach the most people interested in your event.

My favorites are Instagram and Facebook because that’s where all my friends are hanging out! I know that if I post something that my friends and family will see, it’s possible that they will share it with friends who might be interested.

Guest Speakers

If you plan on having guest speakers at your vision board event, they can also help to spread the word about your event. Each year, I invite a few guest speakers who I believe my audience would LOVE to hear inspiring stories from. Guest speakers can often be very busy because they have their own families, jobs, and lives. To make it super easy for them to share their upcoming appearance with their audience, I create a social media image for them and give them the exact copy for them to share on social.

That means they don’t have to think about what to post or come up with their own image! It’s super easy for them to schedule and share!

Want To Start Planning Your Vision Board Party? 

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Ready To Plan Your Next Vision Board Party?

Grab the FREE party planning checklist I use to plan easy breezy (and totally unforgettable) vision board parties!

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