How To Secure Excellent Speakers: Part 1

excellent speakers

A speaker can make or break an event. Trust me, I've been to plenty of events where the speakers booked were really bad candidates. If the person you hire does not fit your event profile then maybe they're not a good fit to begin with. Therefore, before requesting a speaker, make sure you have the event logistics figured out.

See, as a team we spent several weeks prior to VisionCon creating the ideal event profile. We then took the information and researched speakers who fit our brand identity and mission. This included researching their followers, collaborations, and published work. 

Your event profile should consist of the following (sometimes more depending on the complexity of the event):

  • The number of guest you are expecting
  • Demographics of attendees
  • Budget for speaker (if any, be honest. You'll be surprised)
  • What your organization can offer the speaker. 
  • Event theme
  • Event logistics (Date, Time, Location)
  • Other guests involved with production, including notable media coverage if any.
  • A contract to issue speaker once terms have been negotiated. Both you and the speaker should agree on terms mentioned.

Preparing this information prior to your meeting is essential. Trust me, if you are dealing with a professional he/she will ask you these questions in advance. If you're unsure most likely the person will not move forward with your request. No one likes shadiness. 

Once your research is gathered, the next step is to secure a phone interview. This is the opportunity to get to know your speaker and determine whether or not the person is a good fit. But, first you have to start off with a compelling email. In the next blog post, we will share with you a sample template that we used to book our speakers for VisionCon.

Thanks for growing with us!

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