How To Secure Excellent Speakers: Part II

Happy Thursday, if you missed us last week we spoke about How to secure an excellent speaker. The goal of this series is to bring out the excellent event planner in you. Once, you’ve gathered all your research then start compiling an email for prospective speakers you listed.

Here are a few reminders:

1. Do not send your email in a mass group email. It is not professional and no one will take you seriously.

2. Make sure each email is personalized with the person’s name and company. If there is something notable about a specific company, mention it; they will know that you did your homework.

3. Get straight to the point. Don’t forget to mention the Who, What, When, Where, How. This will be a great place to mention your deliverables. Your deliverables must benefit the speaker as much as you want them to benefit you.

Here’s a sample email that we sent to our speakers for VisionCon specifically.

So, now you have drafted and sent your email off. What’s next? Join us next week as we discuss finalizing the contract and how to negotiate a good deal.