5 Unique Ways To Create A Vision Board That Fits Your Style

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Create A Vision Board That Works

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No matter how many people talk about their success using vision boards (the great Oprah included), vision boards can appear to be completely non-magical right?

I mean, seriously, it's made of white poster board and some old magazine clippings, there's no gold, silver or diamonds involved. But no one can deny, that no matter how flimsy, these little boards with tiny pieces of paper glued to them have the power to change lives. 

Vision boards have a unique way of keeping your personal goals front and center - and top of mind throughout the year. (There is no way you're going to forget that you wanted a promotion when you have a poster boards that says P-R-O-M-O-T-I-O-N in huge letters sitting above your nightstand.)

Every time you look at your goals, you'll think about them - and that prompts your mind to think of new ways to solve your largest challenges. 

When you create a vision board you’re forcing yourself to take some time to think about what you really want out of life.

That time of internal reflection is the first powerful point in accomplishing your goals because you take the time to decide on those goals. You are focusing your mind on what you really want. 

You don't have to settle for the white poster board that most gurus opt for when creating their board! Nothing against the white poster board at all, but we're all about being true to you, here! 

Here are a few ways to infuse a little bit of "you" into your big vision this year:


If you're financially conscious, create your vision on a cork board.

I'm a huge advocate of being frugal any chance I get so a cord board is my canvas of choice when I create my vision board. I create a vision board every December so I could easily go through 50 poster boards over the course of my lifetime (hopefully many more). However, by my second year of creating a vision board, I opted for a beautiful cork board that I can use year after year.

(Pro tip: This also looks really good if you want to hang it up in your bedroom or somewhere else prominently visible in your home.)

In the first week of December, I take a look at my vision board and take account of what I've accomplished and what I haven't tackled yet. Then I remove the old quotes and images and re-use that same cord board to build my vision for the next year. 


For the designers, build it on canva.

Some people are designed-inclined. (Yes, I'm looking directly at all of you Pinterest pinners with your perfectly designed pins that you make look effortless.) 

For all of those fortunate enough to have some real design skills (or just enjoy creating beautiful things), you can head over to Canva to create a beautiful design.

Canva is a design tool that you can use to create pretty much anything! You can upload pictures of you and your family, your grandest relationship goals, add in your favorite vacation spots and type in your very own quotes. Then (the icing on the cake) you can order a printout of your creation right there on the site.

(Pro-tip: If you're on the computer a lot, save your vision board as your screensaver. Remember, the goal is to put your board somewhere that you'll see it daily.)


If you like to journal, build your vision inside your personal journal.

I try to journal at least once a week. (I used to journal daily, but hey, who's keeping track?)

I love blank journals with motivational quotes on the cover.  

If you're known to carry a journal around, like me, why not take your big vision and create mini vision board right on the inside of your journal. That way, as you write in your journal, you can reflect on your goals.

(Pro Tip: I also carry around an old school paper calendar like this one. That could also be a great place to put your vision.)


If you don't want to share your goals, use an envelope strategy.

Sometimes you have goals that you don't want to share with others. Maybe you have a special goal that you want to keep all to yourself until you're ready to share. How about rather than not putting the goal up on your board at all, put it in an envelope and put the envelope on your board. That way, it can still be a part of your big vision AND you still get to keep that goal all to yourself. #winwin


For the sentimental, stick with the paper - and keep it throughout the years.

While I've been tearing down my vision every year to replace it with a brand-spanking new one-year plan, one of my best friends was doing the exact opposite. She creates her vision board on poster board and keeps it each year. She even had a cute poster board holder that held all of her vision boards from the past to present. With about 4 vision boards under her belt, she could clearly see what goals she was pursuing and how her priorities have shifted over time. 


Similar to eating a Reese's (and from what I hear, skinning a cat) there's are multiple ways to do it. Just remember that creating a vision board is all about you and the goals you want to accomplish. The most important part about the vision board is that you create it to fit your needs and inspire your inner soul. 


Happy creating!

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Create A Vision Board That Works

Download the FREE Big Vision Reflection checklist to build a vision board that will help you create MIRACULOUS change in your life. Enter your email to subscribe to the newsletter and grab the freebie:

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