The Fallacy of Waiting for The Right Time

Three years ago, I was working three jobs to pay all of the credit card bills and personal loan debt I had accrued in my early twenties. I knew I couldn't go on like this forever.

I knew I had two options to get ahead of my bills and give myself a fighting chance at finally being free of them: 

  1. Go back to school.
  2. Get a higher paying job. (Or at this rate: jobs)

Working three jobs and subsequently funneling all of that money into my bills was incredibly taxing and when I had a free moment, I just wanted to catch up on sleep. I did not have time to think about my well-being or my future, but I knew that if I didn't start considering them both very soon, I would be in a lot of trouble or collapse from exhaustion.

I would have to quit my jobs, stop paying my bills and go back to school THEN get a better job. There was no other option.

Many of us know the right thing to do, the hard part is forcing yourself to go through with the plan. This is hard, in part, because we know that change is coming and nothing is harder than creating a new way of doing things. Especially when what you're doing now is not urgent.

In my case, I realized as long as I continued to work three jobs and funnel the money to my bills, I would never get out of this cycle. Only when I make the decision to step back from my persistent panic did I have the strength to push myself forward.

Pull the bandage off. The faster you face your problem (and correct your mistakes) the faster you can start making the right decisions for your future. 

After all, what good is life experience if you don't learn from it? 

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