How To Create A Couple's Vision Board

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Create A Vision Board That Works

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I've been single for pretty much forever.

If you ask my grandmother, it's because I run away from all the good guys who are chasing me down the street. Recently, I decided to take my “running shoes” off and settle down with a great man.

As an avid vision board creator, I knew that I wanted to carry that practice over into my relationship so that me and my new beau can get aligned (and stay aligned) right from the beginning.

Benefits Of Creating A Vision Board As A Couple


A relationship is a union between two individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, personalities and goals attempting to grow together for the foreseeable future. (A little scary, if you ask me.)

A vision board will help both partners understand each other’s needs and desires in a fun and engaging way.


As people grow and life changes, many turn to their relationship as a place for comfort, nurturing and support.

The vision board creation process is an effective medium through which both members of a couple have the space to talk about how the relationship will play a role throughout all of life’s changes.


Creating a couples vision board requires the couple to spend time reflecting on what they've done and where they want to go. That activity of choosing what direction you want to go in together will ensure that you both have input in the goals you set for the long term.

When you build your vision board, you create a safe atmosphere for each partner to share their thoughts openly without making assumptions or judgement.

Deciding What To Put On Your Couples Vision Board

Reflect on your year as individuals and as a partnership.

Each of you have had different experiences and have gone through different things over the last year. Your vision board is the time to communicate with each other about the feelings you’ve been experiencing.

Ask each other what changes you'd like to make going into the new year.

I'm sure you've reflected on your year and come up with some things that you want to change.

Whether you’d like to change yourself, the house, your job, your family dynamic or something else entirely, it's common for things to fall out of place over time or for people to take a look at their lives and want something different.

Spend some time talking with your beau about changes you'd both like to make. It's very interesting to see what the similarities and differences are in each of your desires.

Make sure that you both take time to listen and write down the other's wants. Try repeating your partner’s needs back to them to make sure you understand exactly what they’re trying to achieve.

Decide on the big goals you want to accomplish

Earlier you talked about the goals you set for yourself, now it's time to take a moment and think through the goals you want to set as a couple.

Maybe you want to work on repairing some damage that has been done to the relationship.

Maybe you want to save up for a large purchase such as buying your first home or acquiring an investment property.

Talk about the big goals that you would like to work on as individuals and then decide together which goals you'll work towards as a couple.

Think about all the other areas of your life and what can be improved

Now that you've set one goal, it's time to think about the other areas of your life.

All work and no play can make anything dull - even the most fun and vibrant relationships. There are several important areas in your life where you can choose to set goals:

·         Family / Friends

·         Spirituality

·         Fun / Adventure

·         Finances

·         Health and Fitness

·         Education / Career

You don't have to set a goal in each one of these areas.

In fact, you definitely shouldn't. Being pulled in too many directions takes your eyes off the prize and you might not be able to do what really matters most in your life. Only set goals in the areas that you really want to focus on this year.

You can always choose other areas of your life to focus on next year.

Creating The Vision Board

Once you have your ideas ready, it's time to look through some magazines and build your vision board! I’ve talked about creating your vision board several times on the blog, you can find all the technical stuff on vision boards in these posts:

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What To Do With The Vision Board Once You Create It

Place it somewhere that you'll see it everyday

Once you create your vision board, you want to make sure it's visible for both you and your significant other. That way you could both continue to be inspired by it over time and always have daily exposure to the things you want to create together.

Schedule a monthly couple's finance date

For financial goals, (like big purchases or travel plans) you and your partner should spend some time thinking through exactly how this goal will come to life. Some good places to start are:

  • How often will you contribute to this purchase

  • How much will you contribute

  • When will you contribute

Decide who will be responsible for the tracking of this goal.

Have an action planning date

For other large goals, it might make more sense to sit down and come up with a real action plan.

If you want to eat healthier (for example) you might want to talk about what changes you're going to make to your diet, who will cook those meals and how often. Will you do any meal planning, who will do the shopping, can you meal prep together for the week ahead.

Breaking your goals down into smaller milestones will make them easier to achieve.

Set a date for monthly check ins

Now that you've spent time chatting with your partner about your goals large and small, make sure that your goals don't fall to the side when life gets in the way. Become each other's accountability partner.  

Set a date that works for you both each month to sit together, grab a glass of wine and chat about progress towards your goals. Do you need to do anything different next month to stay on track? Do you need to tweak the plan that you made?

Maybe it’s time to celebrate crushing your goals!

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Create A Vision Board That Works

Download the FREE Big Vision Reflection checklist to build a vision board that will help you create MIRACULOUS change in your life. Enter your email to subscribe to the newsletter and grab the freebie:

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