How To Plan Your Week For Peak Performance + Balance + Happiness

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plan your week

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Have you ever sat back on a lovely Saturday afternoon, half way through a mimosa and a thrilling Netflix original and thought to yourself...

"What the heck did I do all week?" 

No matter who you are, you have 168 hours to do whatever you choose. Yet, some people appear to be living their best lives while others are watching time pass them by wishing they had more... time

Have you ever thought to yourself... 

If I had more time I could go on more trips. 
I could start that side hustle. 
I could spend more time with my family. 

If only I had more time. 

Here's a bit of reality for you...


It's just hiding away in all of the hours you spend on social media, the half-days that pass you by as you watch Netflix and every other choice that you make that does not align with your values and desires. 

Here's the approach I use to make sure I get EVERYTHING done on a weekly basis with time to crush my 9-t0-5 and run a profitable blog and love my adorable daughter and take care of myself (and everything in between) - without burnout.


First, PLAN TO Take care of your household.

The worst thing about being a super ambitious goal-getter is that it's entirely too easy to get lost in your work and lose track of the little things.

For example, there have been many weeks where I spent my free time working on my blog - and I'd totally forget to do grocery shopping. I'd find myself scrambling through cabinets to throw together breakfast for dinner three nights in a row. (It's not surprising I get hungry and have to eat, might as well plan for it right? )

With better planning, I could create a meal plan, eat healthy and have all the items I need. #NoScramblingNecessary

Here are things you can schedule in to make sure your home is taken care of each week:

  • Making a grocery list
  • Grocery Shopping 
  • Cooking 
  • House cleaning

To optimize your basic housework, create a time that works for you every week to do the same household chores. That way, it becomes more of a habit. For example, every Monday night after putting my daughter to bed, I do meal prep for the rest of the week. 

Put the time to take care of your home on the calendar first. 


SECOND, PLAN TO Take care of yourself

I'm not gonna lie here, with so many things that must get done (we must work, we must take care of our families, we must manage our finances, be half way decent romantic partners and whatever else life throws on our plates) it's very easy to forget that we are the lead character in the story of our life. 

No matter what you have going on in your life, steal some time back for yourself. You need that me-time to clear your mind and align yourself with what you really want. 

This can look like: 

  • Meditation
  • Bottomless Mimosa Brunch with friends
  • A massage or mani pedi
  • Curling up with a good book and hot tea

You should always put a little time on the calendar to take care of yourself. 

I recommend taking quiet time daily. Since I'm a parent, my "me-time" starts strictly at 9PM. I also have a no-work policy on Friday and Saturday nights. (I may not be out clubbing like I used to when I was 21, but I'm definitely going to sit on the couch and drink some wine.)

When will you take your me-time? Put that on your calendar.


THIRD, PLAN TO Take care of your relationships

Whether you're married (or have a super sexy new beau) it's important to plan some time each week to show them that you care. Maintaining a relationship (even those that are ten years old) requires an investment of your time.

I'd also wrap your relationship with your children into this as well. 

As a single lady with an adorable 10-year-old, I always make sure that I make time for her. That can come in the form of playing video games with her or spending hours on the couch watching all of her fav shows. 

When's date night? Are you baking cookies with your baby? Put that time on the calendar.  



I know it's odd to put this last when you're planning your week for optimal goal-getting, but there's a method to my madness, I promise. :) 

When you know that your home is taken care of, you're not burnt out and your relationships are thriving - you have more energy and focus to put towards your goals. 

That makes the time you set aside for your goals much more valuable because you can throw yourself into it with no distractions.

Set one goal for the week and then break that goal down over the course of a few days. That way you don't feel pressured to rush through your projects.

To break down your goals, start by asking yourself: 

  • What do I want to accomplish this week? 
  • What resources would I need to be able to accomplish this goal?
  • What do I need to do to accomplish this goal? 

Now, put time on the calendar to get the resources you need, learn any new material and do each step on your list of action items. 

Accomplishing your goals happens over time in small steps that turn into huge shifts and big wins when you string them together over time. 


Every week is another opportunity to get closer to accomplishing your goals but it's also another opportunity to spend time with loved ones and to care for yourself better. The beauty of planning your miraculous week is that you get to choose what your life will look like. You get to create the life you want. All it takes is a little planning. :)

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