4 Questions to Ask Yourself After Goal Setting

Goal Setting

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So, last week we discussed how to set intentional goals in 5 different areas in our lives. If you missed our last post you can check it out here.

So, now that you set your 5 intentional life goals what’s next? We encourage you to take time and reflect on each one of them. This is very important because most people go through life never taking the first step. A lot of times it's because they never quite understood why they set their goals to begin with. We claim we want to lose weight, start a business, or go to school. But, intention without action means nothing. 

Our goal is to help you see through your plans and to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to help you accomplish your goals. 

That being said, look at your goals and ask yourself the following questions....

1. Why is achieving this goal important to me?

As human beings we have a tendency to set goals because of external factors that have nothing to do with us. Are you working out 5 days a week because a loved one made fun of your weight, or is your goal to live a healthy and well-balanced life? Are you applying to medical school because you truly want to become a surgeon or are you doing it because of family pressure? Be honest with yourself and make sure that you're doing it for yourself and no one else.

2. What barrier do you think may prevent you from accomplishing this goal?

A lot of us turn away once we come face to face with barriers. Maybe it’s the lack of financial resources in your life. Or, maybe time is a factor and you're way too busy to find time to make it happen. If you acknowledge the barrier before you attempt to conquer your goal it makes reality a bit easier to deal with. However, don't dwell at it but use it as your motivation to achieve the impossible. 

3. Who can help me achieve this goal?

Start developing your support team and immediately remove people who will hinder or prevent you from achieving this goal. Removing people does not mean you get rid of them completely. The idea is to put then in a different place in your life that works for you. For instance, I have my party friends that I love hanging out with but they don’t have access to my dreams or aspirations. Also, don’t be afraid to completely cut of the toxic people in your life. Honestly, you're doing yourself a favor.

4. What is the first step that I need to take to reach my goal?

Taking the first step for each person can look different. My first step towards achieving my goals was being intentional about how I planned my days. I couldn’t accomplish anything until I had this whole planning thing somewhat together. I decided to spend each Sunday evening reflecting on the previous week and planning for the week ahead. You may not have all the answers but at least you identified your first step.  

Goal setting is more then just writing thoughts on paper and putting affirmations on the wall. While, people make it look easy just remember that whatever you accomplish in life is a result of consistency, hard work and timing.

Oh and a dash of luck which sprinkles itself miraculously, once you have broken a sweat or two over the years ;-)

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