Virtual Vision Board Party Workshop *LIVE*


Virtual Vision Board Party Workshop *LIVE*


Do you want to host a vision board party, but don’t know where to start?

Let us bring the workshop to you!

This completely done-for-you LIVE virtual workshop will get your friends excited to visualize their dream life with confidence.

Your 30-minute workshop includes:

  1. New Goals, New You Welcome Message

  2. 2 Goal-Setting Activities Tailored Specifically To Your Group

  3. Tutorial on How To Build A Vision Board That Works

You don’t have to be a vision board expert to host a life changing vision board party! You bring the party, we’ll bring the workshop!

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How It Works

Purchase Your Package

Simply choose the "PURCHASE" button above to purchase your package. There will only be 30 total packages available for 2018. (Note: The vision board LIVE virtual sessions will close on 11/15/2018 to prepare for December and January workshops.)


Schedule Your Party

You will receive an email within 24 hours to start coordinating the date/time of your event and the consultation call.


Consultation Call

Your 15-minute consultation call will talk about the layout and tone of your audience and any topics/challenges you want to touch on specific to your attendees. We'll even answer any questions you have about planning your party - from food to wine to magazines to music, we're here to make sure your party is a success!


Thrive Lounge Joins Your Party Live!!

Thrive Lounge will join your vision board party in a video chat session for a 30-minute workshop which includes: 

  • One inspirational welcome message to get your attendees excited about their big dreams

  • Two goal-setting activities that will help your attendees get clarity on their goals and feel vulnerable enough to open up to the group about ambitions and values

  • One in-depth tutorial on how to create an effective vision board that works to manifest your dream life.


Create Amazing Vision Boards with Your Loved Ones

The workshop is designed to prepare your attendees to jump right into building their vision boards. Thrive Lounge will turn the event over to you (the amazing host) and leave the video chat session. All you have to do is turn on some music and have a great time! 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us directly at



Chant'l brought her high-energy, openness, and charm! She openly shared her personal experiences and how she overcame adversity by creating a visual path for what she wanted to achieve. Chant'l also did an amazing job of interacting with the audience and leading activities and conversations amongst attendees. I was completely blown away by Chant'l's public speaking skills and presentation. I absolutely would hire her again and definitely refer her to anyone in need of a public speaker."

-Jamasee Simms, J. Simms Events


"The vision board really helped a lot of our moms to look back at their goals and dreams in a very subtle but realistic way.  They enjoyed the creative process of the activity wherein they are able to express their own concepts of change and steps without inhibition or fear of being judged."

- Gina Macanlalay, Bridges To Indepencence


image_123986672 (7).JPG

"I have done vision boards before and I don’t think I put much thought into them.  I just cut out nice phrases and pictures from magazines and said I would figure out how to make them fit into my vision.  They made me really sit and think about the things I wanted to achieve.  I did not have to make the pictures/phrases fit my vision.  Because of the background work I had done, gathering the items for the board was so much easier than what I was used to.  The board became my permission slip to dream."