These are the recommended resources that I use to creating my unstoppable lifestyle. Here, you'll find everything I use to rock my blog + career + my personal life. 

Side note: The links below may contain affiliate links which means that if you decide to try them out I may receive a commission. These are all product that I use personally and highly recommend! 

Online Courses 

Improving your live does not happen overnight and we rarely have all the tools and knowledge we need to take our life to the next level. I'm always reading and taking courses so I can learn from the experts who have been there, done that and I can continue to elevate my own journey.


Creative Live

Creative Live is one of the only places on the internet that offers FREE classes from industry experts and professionals. Learn how to do pretty much everything from negotiating, building your confidence and becoming more productive.


Blogging + Side Hustle Goals



At the top of my list (my #1 recommended resource) is ConvertKit. I started using ConvertKit to manage my email list in April 2017. Since then, my blog is more beautiful, my subscriber list has skyrocketed and I've been able to FINALLY rock sales through emails which is amazing because I was totally failing at sales before.


Making sense of affiliate marketing course

I've tried nearly everything possible to monetize my blog (without losing sleep or time with my daughter). After several attempts that were #epic fails, I stumbled upon Michelle's course. She's currently making anywhere from $70K-100K per month in affiliate sales and teaches her super simple formula and teaches others to do the same. 



I love creating interactive video content for my list! I used Crowdcast to host first video series I created. I loved how simple it was to use - you can chat with the viewers, do polls and ask questions or even invite them on screen if you want! #BestToolEver


Master Your Money Goals 

Last year, I paid off 10K of student loan debt - and in 2018, my goal is to pay off the rest of the balance $32K. These are the tools and resources I'm using to do it. 



Since I'm laser focused on paying down my debt, I tend to make a payment the second I have extra money. Acorns helped me start saving and investing automatically by rounding all of my purchases to the next dollar and investing the change. 



One of the first things I did to preserve my sanity and keep my money in my pocket was get rid of my car. Using Uber helps me get around especially when it's winter and I have a ton of groceries in my hand. 



Even with big #MoneyGoals, I can still enjoy traveling - because I save a crap ton of money staying in Airbnb's over hotels. I love that "home" feel where we can totally drink wine and make dinner in a real home while being on the road. 


Personal capital

Personal Capital is the best website to see how your money is trending over time. I've been tracking my money like a hawk since 2016 (that's when I actually had money to track) and with personal capital, I can see where my money is going and how my net worth is increasing month over month.



Betterment is another investing automation I've been using  for about a year. I'm about to pay whatever I want each month towards my future and with no additional time or effort, I get to watch my money grow!


Delegating + Streamlining Goals

As a recovering perfectionist, I wanted to do everything on my own... ALL THE TIME. When you're living the 9-to-5 life and running a side hustle (or aspiring) and a mom #TheStruggleIsReal. These are the tools I use to take some things off my plate (and stay 100% sane).


CARE.COM is the premier site for parents to find high quality babysitters and nannies. When we hired our first nanny, my daughter appreciated being able to help choose a sitter she liked. Our sitter would work with my daughter to plan out her day and took her on fun adventures while I got a quiet day of getting work done. #WinWin



Fiverr is a website to search for qualified freelancers to perform tasks for as little as $5. I was skeptical about the low prices, but I realized if you knew exactly what you want, it's easy to get someone to create a logo or edit a book or even create printable worksheets for you at a reasonable price. 


creative market

Creative Market is an online marketplace where creatives sell stock photos, beautiful fonts, vibrant backgrounds and everything in between at unbelievable prices. I streamline my product creation with their premade workbooks + powerpoint slides.