I’m Chant’l…


.. and I’ve been through a ton of crap.

I’ll admit some of it what self-inflicted, but some of it I never saw coming.

After being elected most likely to succeed of my high school graduating class, I learned I was pregnant at 18 - and life only got more interesting after that. One of my high school classmates even invited the entire school to a Facebook page lovingly entitled “Chantl is pregnant and she needs donations.” #FacePalm

From there, I embarked on my journey of figuring my life out… while raising a child. #FunTimes

These years were rough.

I graduated from college at the top of my class - and then got rejected from every medical school I applied to. With no Plan B, a recent heartbreak and bills up to my eyeballs, I fell into a deep depression.

That’s when my dear friend invited me to her Vision Board Party where I created the vision board that literally turned my life around.


I set the bar incredibly low: I primarily wanted to get some sleep and finish something I started. It doesn’t sound like much, but the second I could figure those two things out, I could figure out the rest.

Things started to move quickly after that.

I sold everything I owned and moved in with my parents to pursue a Master’s in Analytics. That degree helped me land a job making 3x my salary. I paid off $42K of student loan debt in 3 years.

I created Thrive Lounge during my journey of rising from rock bottom because I desperately needed a support system during that challenging time.

Then, the #ThriveTribe (our amazing community) helped me discover who I really wanted to be in this lifetime.

I really REAlly love people

I host events & do speaking engagements for women’s groups, churches, non profits and for-profit businesses. I notice people love hearing from me because they think “OMG. Her life was terrible and look at her now!”


I write stuff and build things - all the time

I never intended to become a writer. In fact, I was not the original writer for Thrive Lounge. My best friend and co-creator wrote the blog while I handled the website. I became a writer when she left Thrive Lounge in 2017 to pursue her dreams.

That’s when I realized I loved it. I created the Vision Board Planner to answer the questions readers asked. Goal Doing came next, as a solution for readers who set goals they didn’t finish.

Creation took over my soul. In my eyes, I’m creating the world that I want to live in. Where women can support each other, feel confident in their decisions, make $1 for each dollar a man makes and feel guilt-free about their life choices.


I’ve Lost it all (several times) and never quit

I’ve been kicked out of my home by an ex, ruined my credit, did a voluntary repossession on my car, moved back in with my parents, sold everything I owned to pay debt, gotten fired from a job in two weeks and even been so broke I couldn’t afford food.

But I never gave up.

I now get to be a blogger, author, course creator, singer, mother who can afford food, world traveler and, well, any freakin’ thing I want.

While you’re here with our #ThriveTribe, I want you to know that you can become ANYTHING. Your dreams are within reach. Your values are important. You matter. You can make a difference.

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