Sponsoring Thrive Lounge events gives you access to a specialized niche of smart, confident, trendy millennial woman.  These women are educated, with many holding bachelor's and master's degrees, bloggers with significant influence over large audiences, city socialites highly engaged in the fashion industry and budding to successful entrepreneurs.

Support for our events, whether in the form of attendee swag, food/beverage, event space, speaking engagements and various services are appreciated. Thrive Lounge events offer excellent exposure and benefits such as branding, media placement and access to our growing community of high-powered and upwardly mobile millennial women. All benefits may be customized to suit the sponsor’s needs. 


for questions regarding sponsorship email us: hello@thriveloungedc.com

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If you have any questions about sponsorship, please let us know on our contact us page or email us at hello@thriveloungedc.com.