Six Common Mistakes People Make When Hosting A Vision Board Party

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Vision board parties can be a ton of fun, but since they're often hosted by us regular folks who sit around drinking and chatting for fun - and have now decided to add some vision boards into the mix, they don't always have the best structure. 

As a host, it your job to make sure that attendees get what they want to achieve out of coming to the event.

Here are a few common mistakes people make that you'll want to avoid while you're planning your vision board party.


Filling every minute of the agenda

I know this one sounds a bit crazy! We want for every moment to be planned out and have every activity flow really well into the next one. 

Here's what's wrong with that: 

  • About 50% of attendees will show up late.

  • People will inevitably miss key content and want you to repeat.

  • A full agenda doesn't leave much time for networking and chatting with others.

Solution: Leave some "mingling" time in your agenda. It's unstructured time where people can get to know each other and chat about whatever they want. This will help them start to build relationships with others on their own. 


Not having food/drink options for everyone

Food can be tricky. I once held an event where I forgot the non-alcoholic beverages and had to get a pitcher of water for non-wine drinkers! You want to have super yummy options and get creative to your hearts content, but you also want to be inclusive so that everyone at the event has something to eat.

Solution: Make sure you cover the basics and have gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options for people. If you want to get fancy, add a form to the registration where people can outline exactly what kinds of food allergies they have so you can plan accordingly.


Not having enough good magazines

Magazines are the backbone of the vision board! If you don't have enough good magazines to go around, people will end up fingering through the same ones over and over long after they've realized that there is no inspiration in them. 

Solution: Ask attendees to bring their own extra magazines from home. 


Not telling people what to bring

It's pretty common for people provide their own poster boards and bring their own magazines at vision board parties. If you don't plan on providing everything for your attendees, you'll want to make sure they know exactly what to bring. Otherwise people may show up empty handed and you run the risk of not having enough materials to go around.

Solution: Provide a list of items that they can scan quickly.


Not curating good speakers

If you decide to bring speakers to your event, it could go really well or really poorly. Speakers are meant to compliment the event or raise it to the next level with fun, relevant and inspiring stories for your audience. 

Solution: Make sure any speaker you invite has experience that would be relevant to the people attending the event. 


Not Facilitating conversation among guests

Sometimes you can drop people into a room and they just click. People make friends easily and find common grounds to start really cool conversations on. Other times, it's a bit more of a struggle. Unfortunately, you have now way of knowing whether your guests will click immediately or if they'll take a little warming up. 

Solution: Have a few ideas ready to get people engaged early on in the event with some ice breaker activities that can get the conversation started. 


These common vision board party mistakes are super easy to avoid with proper planning and a little bit of flexibility. Enjoy your party planning. 



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Ready To Plan Your Next Vision Board Party?

Grab the FREE party planning checklist I use to plan easy breezy (and totally unforgettable) vision board parties!

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