Planning The Perfect Vision Board Party Agenda

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The goal of every vision board party that was ever created is to help people get clarity on their goals and walk away with ideas of what they want out of life - and how to get there. The best vision board parties will help people make new friends, build their network and believe in their vision more than ever before. 

This is all driven by the way you set the event up. As the host, you get to choose how you want your event to flow, here's some tips on how I structure the agenda for my vision board parties.


Time To Mix and Mingle

Any good event gives enough unstructured time (where there are no activities scheduled) for people to walk around, randomly lock eyes with others and spark up a conversation. This is the opportunity for random people to become acquaintances. 


Food and Drinks

By setting out the food at the beginning of the event, people will naturally gravitate towards the food and entertain themselves. I'm a huge fan of making new friends in the drink line. (Hey handsome guy, do you come here often?) 


Activities & Ice Breakers

Some people are more inclined to sit in the back of the room and not really talk to anyone. (Full disclosure, I used to be one of those people.) Plan to have a few engaging activities to get the entire room familiar with each other and ready to tackle a larger goal.



Depending on how you set your event up, it could be a great idea to invite someone to speak. It's great to bring in your speaker right after networking and an ice-breaker or two.

Your speaker will bring the audience back into focus by sharing an inspirational story or message that your audience can identify with. (That's why it's super important to choose the right speaker for your audience.)


Vision Board Tutorial

Even though a vision board seems straight forward, it's always great to give a quick reminder of what a vision board is and how to create one. I will usually bring my vision board from the previous year  to show it to attendees and walk through exactly how they can create a vision board that changes their own life.

The tutorial will get your attendees primed to switch gears and start creating. 


Time To Build Vision Board

Your attendees will need a minimum of one hour to get started building their vision boards. This is time for people to start looking through the magazines and pulling their top quotes and images to design their life.

Side note: During my tutorial, I always tell people it's OK if they don't finish their boards at the party. It's most important that people get the idea of the vision board and feel empowered to go home and create one.


Share Your Vision Board

If you have a small group (6-8 people), you could ask each person to talk about the goals they put on their boards and why. This is a great experience for everyone that attends because they get to know more about each other - and that part may foster more long-lasting friendships.


Mix n' Mingle

If there's still time (and people aren't too tired or too drunk) give about a half hour or so for some last minute mingling. Throughout the event, you've given people several chances to learn about each other. This is their last chance to act on the things they've learned about the other people in the room. If they have similar goals, they could become accountability partners. If they have already accomplished something that someone else in the room is striving towards, they can swap tips. 


The agenda you set for your vision board party will make all the difference in the experience your attendees have. Give them just enough time to engage with the people around them. Encourage them to think about their goals and how they can contribute to the goals of others. 


Want To Start Planning Your Vision Board Party? 

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Ready To Plan Your Next Vision Board Party?

Grab the FREE party planning checklist I use to plan easy breezy (and totally unforgettable) vision board parties!

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