The Importance of Setting Goals

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I started the New Year a bit different this year. I was not really focused on growing after spending several years working on that very concept. Each year I would set a long and short-term goal. The year prior was a financial goal, and the year before that was relationship geared. I had already paid off the majority of my debt and was in a healthy relationship. I guess you can say I got complacent.

My life seemed pretty stable and I was bringing in a decent income. However, towards the middle of the year I started feeling like something was off.  For some reason, I had no reason to wake up in the morning. See, it's very easy to get comfortable when life is going well. But, we have to challenge ourselves to continue to grow and to learn new things. 

This is why setting goals are important.

Setting goals: 

  • Adds value to your life. When you set goals it gives you something to look forward to each day. 
  • Prevents you from getting complacent with life. Complacency is bad because it hinders our mind from growing. 
  • Goals allow you to stay focused. Life is random, and when things are going sour, it's those goals that you set that will encourage you to push through. 

I encourage you to set goals frequently. Once you accomplish one, go ahead and set another one. 

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