10 Things To Look Forward to For VisonCon16

Hey #girlboss at this point you have figured out that we're having a kinda, well totally super big conference here in Washington, D.C called VisionCon. If you haven't done so yet make sure you grab your ticket. 

Here are the top 10 things to look forward to for this Saturday.

1. A special gift for each attendee sponsored by Ella Rucker published author and speaker.

2. A variety of food options to dig into.

3. We provide all materials, except confidence you bring that through the door. 

4. A variety of cocktails and desserts perfect for a Saturday morning. 

5. A friendly atmosphere with down to earth women, and maybe a few men, volunteers that is ;-)

6. More FREE stuff, a give-away for the lucky winner. (disclaimer: we capitalized free because everyone loves free)

7. A panel of women with a variety of expertise from beauty, fashion, media, start-ups, tech, event planning, and more.

8. The opportunity to meet someone great to add to your networking circle.

#bosstip make it a goal to connect with at least one person in the room at VisionCon.

9. Picture perfect moments. We understand how important it is to take a perfect selfie.

10. Your next step to the manifestation of your dreams. Are you ready?

Meet Stacey Ferguson: The Keynote Speaker at VisionCon

On Saturday morning, an audience of women entrepreneurs, bloggers, and other businesspeople will get their live-in-person chance to hear Stacey Ferguson when she delivers a keynote speech at VisionCon16.

Stacey Ferguson,   Creative   Director of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media

Stacey Ferguson, Creative Director of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media

If you follow Ms. Ferguson on social media you will know that she is always on the go from one venture onto another. Yet, she still manages one of the biggest events yearly, BeBlogalicious.

The woman is nothing but amazing and we hope you feel the same at VisionCon16. If you're curios to know what Stacey will speak about, check out her two favorite blog post that helped inspire her. We promise, you won't be disappointed. 

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In the afternoon, guests will have time to mingle with the speakers over wine and specialty cocktails sponsored by Breakthru Beverage Group. There will be a variety of hor d’oeuvre’s sponsored by Society Restaurant and Lounge. 

Other notable events at the conference include a panel discussion moderated by Nakornsri Sintaisong, featuring women in leadership discussing how they persevered through challenges to accomplish their goals.