How We Made 4x Our Income in our 2nd Month Of Blogging

These past few weeks were crazy busy for us as we prepared for VisionCon. Nonetheless, it was a complete success and we owe it all to you. 

Blog wise, we barely met any of our goals, but we managed to have a successful month based on other outcomes. We were fortunate enough to sell over 20 tickets and most importantly connect with other women in the community. 


We did; however, increase our email list subscription. We owe a great amount of our success to the 30 day challenge. Our goal was 150 email subscribers, we surpassed by 20 subscriptions. 

Breakdown of data. 

Page Views

We started off the month with 1500 views so we did see a decline in this specific area. I do believe that the decline is due to the start of the 30 Day Challenge (during the promotional period we witnessed an increase in page views daily). Our traffic this month came from the following sources: 

  • Direct
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


We sold 22 tickets to VisionCon this month alone!! Super excited because its never easy selling anything. We used a variety of methods to sell tickets, below are a few. 

  1. The personal touch. Our co-founder reached out to family and friends through a personal email to invite them to the event. 8 tickets were sold from that email alone. In other words don't assume anyone knows what you have going on just because you share it on social media. Do yourself a favor and send out personal invites. 
  2. Collaborate with others. One of our members bought a ticket to giveaway to her Facebook group. Thanks #GirlGetIt for the support.
  3. People love SALES. Therefore, we offered a variety of flash sales. We ran a Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sale, amongst others. 

Facebook Likes

We are pretty active on Facebook, so we communicate daily with various online communities. Its through groups such as BLM and GirlGetIt where we receive the most likes. We manage to receive 205 Facebook Likes.

Professional Headshots...Done!

Skye Charlie

Skye Charlie

Chant'l Martin

Chant'l Martin


This month we only spent $4.37 on Facebook ads. We decided to give it one more shot since we didn't have a good experience with it the first time. Was it worth it? 

For the second time in a row, we spent money on Facebook ads with no real return. We "reached" (and who really knows what "reach" means, right?) 380 people and got 2 link clicks. AND I KNOW OUR ADS WERE ON POINT!!

What we learned...

As "professional" goal setters, even we spread ourselves too thin sometimes. In addition to all of this, we've also been posting heavily to our instagram accounts, doing photoshoots, creating videos - AND- planning VisionCon16! This month we decided to focus on two goals only. 

December Month Goals

  • Sell out of VisionCon16
  • Make VisionCon Miraculous