How We Booked 3 Clients and made $350 in our fourth month of blogging

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January for us was a month mixed with old and new practices. For example, we hosted our annual brunch and then we decided to start a Pinterest account, you can check it out HERE. We also decided to focus our energy on creating multiple events. Some didn't quite work out and others are in the works such as Clarity, we hope to see you there. In the midst of our new set of adventures, we managed to set the following goals below:

1. Start the Thrive Lounge YouTube Channel

2. Create a 2017 Social Media Plan

3. Get 200 Email List Subscribers

First, we kicked off our YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe here to stay up to date with our series specifically focused on creating that grand vision. 

The hardest part about starting the channel was deciding what equipment we needed to invest in. We decided to use an iPhone to record our videos because for us it was easier to use. Let's be honest, neither one of us knew how to use fancy digital cameras. 

Equipment Expense

  • lPhone 6 - Already owned.
  • But, then we found out that we needed to purchase fancy equipment to really get the job done. So, we purchased all of our equipment on Amazon (lights, microphone, lenses, tripod) which cost us about $103.
    • The paint we used to re-paint our wall cost us about $47.


We got really creative with the decorations on set. For example, the pinwheels we decorated the walls with were handmade by our co-founder Chantl. They were the someones we used at Vision Con 2016. We then decorated with random items that we found laying around in the house. 

Time Invested

We spent about 2 hours painting the room and a bit more decorating. As you can see in each video that we posted the decorations look a bit different. We wanted to try different methods until we found something that worked. To be honest we are still experimenting. 

We also invested 4-5 hours once per week shooting each video. We shot 4 videos total for the month of January. In addition to 5-6 hours editing the videos using the iMovie software. I was surprised to find out that it wasn't free anymore. Lucky for us I still had the original on my computer. 

Random thought: We have so much respect for videographers because we never realized that the process was this intense. Kudos to all of you.


Our social media plan is a working progress. We did not set this goal with the intention of finishing it in one month. Nonetheless, we are proud to mention that we are halfway done. 

First, we finished our blog post strategy for the year. We are currently working out the kinks to integrate our YouTube videos into our strategy (but we have plenty of time for that :-)

We also developed a foolproof strategy on how to create a social media daily post schedule in under 30 minutes. Don't worry we will outline the strategy in our social media-planning workbook!

Leslie Brookes-2.png

This month we were happy to make $350.00 in revenue. We earned the money through our 2 hour Vision Board workshop series. We serviced two difference clients. Both companies had incredibly different needs but we were able to tailor our workshops accordingly. We also managed to book another workshop in March for a women's homeless shelter.

Traffic Report

Page Views: 

  • December 2016: 895
  • No Goal Set
  • Actual: 972

Facebook Likes:

  • December2016: 245 Facebook Page Likes
  • No Goal Set
  • January: 248

Email List: 

  • December 2016: 170 Total Email List Subscribers
  • Goal: 200
  • January 2017: 181

We were a bit disappointed that our page views did not significantly increase. We experienced a lot more traffic when we first started blogging. However, when we decided to focus on growing our email list we neglected our site a bit more. Most of our traffic comes from the 5 Day Vision Challenge and event announcements. Nonetheless, we are ok with this because we understand that you cannot have it all. 

Our Facebook received no love this month, well 3 new people loved us, thank you. To be honest, Facebook is off our radar for this year. Since we do not have control over what our followers see on social media we are not really interested in how quickly our page likes grow. Additionally, when we send an email, we are sure that people receive it. But, as we all know Facebook doesn't work that way with its algorithms (sprinkles in fancy tech term). While we continue to track our following it's just to have full transparency. However, rest assured, if we have a random jump, we'll be sure to let you know why!

Leslie Brookes-4.png

972 Page views, 248 Facebook Likes, 181 Email List

Top Traffic Tources:

  • 60% came through direct link
  • 23% came from Facebook
  • 7% came from Google
  • 5.7% came from Instagram

Top Pages Visited:

  • 5 Day Vision Challenge
  • Events

Top Blog Posts:

If you want to know how we got over 200 followers, take a look at our first blog post here.

What Else Happened This Month: 

  • We hosted our New Beginnings Brunch. We had a lower turnout then our usual events but, this just confirmed that we need to re-strategize our event approach. Surprisingly enough we also had the most people sign up. 

Make at least $385 through blogging and or workshops

Reach 200 email list subscribers

Add a hello bar to our website

Reach 1070 website page views 

What We Learned:

We had successful milestones throughout the month of January. We are also trying to figure out how to better serve our audience, YOU. We are challenging ourselves to continue to explore and try different strategies to make sure that you are truly benefiting from your experience. Sometimes we want to only recap the positive and happy months with you. But, the truth holds more value to us because we want our readers to understand the good and ugly side of business. Growth does not happen over night and we hope you look at this post as an inspiration to keep pushing and keep trying no matter what.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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