How We Got 1510 Page Views and made $200 in Our First Month of Blogging

The ThriveLounge community originally started as a small meet-up here in Washington D.C. But, we later realize that we did not have the time and or resources to do monthly meetings. So, that's where the online platform started. To be honest, we didn't think we would grow so fast. Here are some of our accomplishments, failures, and November goals. 

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1. Establishing engagement

We received 1510 page views. Our traffic came from 433 direct links, 203 Facebook, 28 IG, 22 Google (and a ton of other small places here and there). We are also active in 3 online Facebook Groups that cater to millennial professional/entrepreneurial women.

We received 114 Facebook likes (winning) - In the midst of getting likes we made sure we celebrated every milestone. 

People actually subscribed to our site, say what? We received 84 total organic email list Subscribers. Woot Woot.

2. Selling Products

We sold 5 event tickets for VisionCon (Our #girlboss conference geared towards those who dare to dream). 4 tickets were sold through early bird specials and another was through a direct link on Facebook.

Speaking of VisionCon we managed to book 6 High Profile speakers. It goes to show that you do not need a huge following to put on a quality event. Check out the strategy we used to secure speakers Here. If you need additional tools you can use our template Here.

Using Ads at the wrong time

We decided to promote the #30DayVision Challenge using Facebook and Instagram Ads. The platform was a strategy used to create engagement and increase email subscriptions. In total we spent $25.72. A total of $20.72 was spent on Facebook and $5.00 was spent on Instagram.

Side note: Was it worth it? 

In hindsight, the Facebook/Instagram ads were not worth it. Even though we didn't spend that much, from initial results, we had no incentive to continue spending. If you have any tips on how we could've done this better, feel free to let us know Here

Running a blog takes a lot of work. But, we are thankful for the small milestones. 

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