5 Strategies To Reach Your Life Goals When You Suck At Following Through

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Ever wonder why some people are super bad ass in school, but once they enter the "real world" all of a sudden they totally suck at adulting? I have. 

That was my story.

I was at the top of all of my classes, ran social clubs, teachers pretty much drooled over my brain and presented me with the best opportunities. I was the definition of cream of the crop and, for me, it was a freakin' cake walk. 

Then I graduated. 

I struggled miserably with finding a job, got rejection letters from every medical school I applied to and then dug myself into a deep hole of debt.

I kept wondering...

"What happened to me?" 
"Is this really my life?"
"I know I'm smart. Why can't I get through this?"

Unlike school, real life doesn't come with a well-crafted curriculum, teachers to guide you or classmates that you can lean on for support. 


You can create the same type of support system in your adult life to help you hit every goal on your list. 


talk to A Mentor

A mentor is someone who has already accomplished the goal you're pursuing and can give you solid advice on how to get to the next step. 

Your mentor will invest their time sharing their wisdom with you. You are less likely to feel lost and overwhelmed while working towards your goal because you'll have someone you can go to with questions, concerns and set backs. The best mentors that have been there, done that and lived to tell the story will let you know exactly where they messed up and inspire you to keep going when your goals get rough. 

If you have no one in your life that you can turn to as a mentor, you can take a FREE live class on creativelive.com. There are classes on everything from personal finance to freelancing to creative pursuits taught by top industry experts. They can mentor you on the internet - and you don't have to spend a dime.


Join A Social Group

I'm not talking about a networking or bird-watching group (or whatever else you're into). Join a social group that brings together people working towards similar goals. Goal-focused social groups surrounds by other people having the same conversation. 

For example... 

  • Join a financial freedom community if you'd like to get out of debt, learn frugal habits or start saving more.
  • Join a photography group if you want to learn more about your camera or how to be a professional photographer.
  • Join a public speaking group if your goal is be more charismatic when you deliver presentations.

The other people in this group will have different levels of experience with your same goals. Some will be just starting out, others will be well on their way (and happy to share what's working for them). There will be some who are already successful at paying off their debts and can share their story of how they did it and what to watch out for along the way.

At any point in your journey, there will be people at your same level that can support you emotionally, people that you can support with your experience and others that can answer your questions.

(Pro Tip: Here is where you can find a mentor! Keep an eye open!) 


Get An Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone that you touch base with periodically to talk about your progress on your goals.

Achieving any long term goal can feel like you're working on it in a bubble, with no one from the outside world to talk to about it. If you fail, no one knows except you. There's no one to hold you accountable to those goals except yourself. 

Your accountability partner help you set meaningful goals and stick to them over the long term because they'll be the eyes that see if you fail. Having someone there to watch your progress triggers your brain to keep going (even when you feel like sitting on the couch with a big ol' glass of wine). 

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Join A Niche Group Online

I love in-person interactions, but it's inevitable that you'll have questions or start struggling with your goal at the most random times. You'll be researching a topic and have a question about your goal or want to know someone's personal experience about a certain strategy or solution.

In these times, it's important to have an online community that you can go to to ask questions, celebrate your wins or even get inspiration and learn different methods people are using to tackle their goals. 


Create A Daily Affirmation

An affirmation is a sentence that helps you stay aligned with your purpose. I've personally used affirmations to create an abundance mindset when I felt like giving up on my long term goals.

You can have all the tools and support in the world, but your ability to get up everyday and work towards your goal starts with yourself. You have to believe that you can make a difference in your life. If you don't, it'll be harder to push yourself through difficult times or to find the answers to the challenges in your way (because I can guarantee you there will be challenges). 

Affirmations are like personal taglines that empower you in your goals.

Here are some examples: 

  • I am capable of making a difference. 
  • I have everything I need to be successful. 
  • I will find a way around any obstacles I encounter. 

Your affirmations will help you stay grounded in your beliefs. 

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Setting a goal is easy - we always know what changes we want to make in our life. Following through on that goal is hard, but it's even harder when you're doing it alone. Creating your own support system as an adult can give you the expertise, community and emotional support you need to guide you from start to finish (no school necessary). 


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