9 Simple Tips For Beginners To Use ConvertKit Like A Pro

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convertkit for beginners

About six months into my blogging journey, I realized that setting goals and creating a vision for your life were something that I could literally talk about FOREVER. It was refreshing to know that, after three failed blogs, I'd finally found my sweet spot. I was ready to invest in some tools to take my blog to the next level.

It didn't take much to get me to switch to ConvertKit. Once I realized that all of my fav gurus were using it, I had a serious FOMO meltdown and pulled out my credit card. (I wasn't even making any money at the time but I knew this would be a game changer for me... and it was the best decision I ever made.)

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ConvertKit is the business partner I can actually afford in my slooooooowly growing blogging biz. Over the past year, I've learned more about my customers, talked directly to them, helped them find the content they need and even started selling my products with it. 

In this post, I'm going to walk you through how to use some of ConvertKit's super powerful features to get the maximum out of your email marketing journey.


Create forms that match your style

If you have specific brand colors, you can easily update your ConvertKit forms to match them. Just click the magic wand at the top of the page while you're editing the style and it'll give you options to change the colors of your forms.


Duplicate Your Forms On Your Website

Rather than starting from scratch every time you create a form, just duplicate the forms you already have. That way all of your forms have a similar style and formatting. 

(Pro tip: ConvertKit offers three different types of forms: modal, inline and slide in. I like duplicating one form into all three styles to use on different blog posts that have the same topic.) 


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Create Some Landing Pages

Landing pages are great for 5-day challenges where you need a little more space to communicate the value that you're offering. They're also great because you can slide them into your content where's it's relevant to provide additional options for readers to join your email list.


Start A/B Testing Your Subject Lines

One of the best features about ConvertKit is A/B testing your subject lines. This means that you can send an email to your list using two different subject lines and test out which one is best in real time. The coolest benefit is that ConvertKit will test both subject lines on a small percentage of your audience. After four hours will automatically send the winning subject line to the remainder of your list. 


Tag Your Email Subscribers

Tagging your subscribers means to assign them to a group depending on rules you get to set up. For example, if some one signs up for your blogging freebies you know that they're interested in learning more about blogging and can tag them "interested in blogging." If they're purchased your product, you can tag them "paid." 


Filter Your Subscribers

Your subscriber tags comes in super handy when you want to send certain emails to a small group of your subscribers that would be interested.

For example, I sometimes host women's events in my hometown. They love hearing about my events, but it doesn't make sense to email my entire list (with people from all over the world) about a small event in DC. I tag all of the people that sign up for my events with "interested in DC events" and when I'm sending out emails, I only send them to subscribers with this tag.


Create A Welcome Sequence

One of the best ways to connect with your audience on a more personal level is to create a welcome sequence. This is a series of emails that introduces a new subscriber to your brand, what you like to teach and (sometimes) invites them to tell you more about them so you can better serve them. 


Don't be afraid to sell to your audience

Selling is pretty scary, right? Even though you've worked for hours to create the perfect thing to sell, creators often choke when it comes time to sell it. We also fear that if we're too pushy or sell too hard, people will unsubscribe from our list and we'll never be able to talk to them again.

You can totally use your email to sell as long as you're also adding value. In fact, the people who are on your list and interested in you will be happy to purchase your products. Your email is the best place to sell to your audience. They've already let you know that they're interested in your content. Providing a more detailed product would help them even more!

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Clean Up Your Email List

I used to be terrified when someone unsubscribed. After blogging for a year, I realized that people remain on your list as long as what you have is valuable and useful for them. Once they're no longer interested in what you offer, they'll unsubscribe.

Unsubscribers benefit you because it costs more to have additional subscribers on your list so if they're not interested, happily let them go. It's better to have a list of 2000 loyal subscribers than 10K that are just hitting the delete button.

There are some people who won't subscribe and they'll just delete your emails as they come through. ConvertKit makes it very easy to take these people off your list by adding them to a cold subscriber tag. Use that tag every couple of months to take people off your list who may no longer be interested in your message. 


The key to mastering your email marketing is using your emails to really connect with your audience and serve them in a way that feels good for you. Find the right balance between your brand, your personality and your tools to create an experience that your readers will love.


Grow Your Email List By 500+ Monthly

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