Why ConvertKit Is Worth The Money (Even If Your Blog Isn't Profitable)

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I started my blog in October of 2016 and it didn't take me very long to realize that if I was going to get serious about this whole blogging thing, I'd need to put some of my efforts towards building an email list. 

I really wanted to build a solid email list for a few reasons: 

  1. Social media algorithms control who sees your posts and when (so if I have a time sensitive offering, many people that "follow" me might miss the post)
  2. I would own the names and emails on my list. (No matter how many times you ask, Mark Zuckerberg is not giving up the names and emails of all your followers :) 

Once I was clear on the goal, I had to figure out the how. That's when I stumbled upon ConvertKit.

I've been using ConvertKit for about 8 months now and in that short time, I have reached almost 2,000 subscribers without even trying, started selling my products on autopilot and (to be honest) finally got over my fear of over-selling and over-emailing (or under emailing) my audience. 

What is ConvertKit? 

It's an email service (kinda like Mailchimp or Mailerlite) for professional bloggers ready to take their game to the next level. You could say the other email services are bringing a knife to a gunfight when they're going up against ConvertKit. The service is legit.  

ConvertKit gives you easy to create + manage landing pages, pop up boxes and email collection forms. It also manages your email lists and makes it super easy to communicate with all the people on your list.


Before Convertkit

I started my blog in October 2016 with Mailchimp. Here was my growth from January to April 2017...


After months of serious blogging and promoting, I increased the email list by about 50 subscribers over the course of four months - and most of them came from in person events! 

No one was signing up for our clunky email forms and it was really hard to provide the value we wanted to with our audience (I'll go into detail about that more later.)


Here's what happened when I switched to ConvertKit

It took about a month to rip out all of the crappy mailchimp forms and integrate ConvertKit into my site, but once I got that all done here's what happened.


I almost fell on the floor when I saw over 500 subscribers in December. I was bragging to pretty much everyone and trying to get them to make the switch. It seriously felt like the email subscriber gods were smiling down on me... and makin' it rain.


What Makes ConvertKit Amazing

ConvertKit completely changed the blogging game for me because for the first time people were signing up for my freebies, responding to my emails and actually buying my book. I actually felt like a professional blogger!

Here are a few of the reasons I'm happy I made the switch: 


beautiful + simple designs (even for non designers)

ConvertKit doesn't have just one generic form that you put on your site. There are several options to choose from - and you can design it with all your brand colors. Seriously, they've created each form so you can customize it however you like... and for my non-creative friends - there's literally no way to screw it up.

Pop up boxes:



Email forms (which you'll see at the end of all my posts):



And there is more than one design option. So you can make it super minimalist if you want:



You can even create an entire landing page in minutes! 

Check out the landing page I created for Creating A Blog Schedule For The Entire Year.


The best part is,  you can make all these changes by the touch of one button: 

landing page.PNG

I don't have any design skills so the fact that it's SUPER EASY to design email boxes and landing pages in ConvertKit is AMAZING!



 Have you ever agonized between two different email subject lines, analyzing them to death?

Then, you give up and send the email, only to have it fall flat once you sent it out? And (after mediocre results) you silently thought to yourself...  I should've tried the other subject line.

At that point its too late, my friend. 

But in ConvertKit, you can test TWO SUBJECT LINES... BEFORE you email your entire list.  (I didn't even know that before signing up.)



You simply put both of your headlines into your email and ConvertKit will choose the subject line with the highest open rate after four hours and automatically email the winning subject line remainder of your list. 

With no additional effort from you. #winning



How many times have you had an issue with a service and had to wait days (and suffered through tons of emails back and forth) to get the problem resolved? Way too damn many if you ask me

ConvertKit's IT team has always responded back to my messages in 12 hours or less - and it doesn't matter when I email them.  

A couple of months ago,  I was working with my visual automation for the first time and I ran into an issue.  I emailed them at night before bed and had a response by the morning. 

I know my money is well spent when I never have to feel frustrated because I'm not hearing back from IT.   



From the moment I switched over from Mailchimp to  ConvertKit, I started to see a bump in the number of subscribers I had.  

Mailchimp requires someone to double optin to your list. That means when they enter their email on their site, they have to log into their email, wait for your email to come through to "Confirm Their Subscription" and then prove their human before their name and email get added to your list.

So if someone is in a hurry and doesn't have time to log into their email to confirm, they do not make it onto your list. 

Their email address disappears.

You cannot nurture that relationship. 

They wont come back to your blog.

You won't make the sale. 

ConvertKit doesn't require a double optin! From the moment someone enters their email address, they're on your list and the only thing they receive in their email is the freebie they were expecting. #winning


What's Not So Hot


The Dollars And Cents

Seriously, it took me the longest time to switch over to ConvertKit because of the cost. On top of that, I had to invest in it before my blog was profitable. I was already paying $20 for meetup.com because I was focused on cultivating a local audience in DC. Paying the $29/month that I'd have to pay to use ConvertKit immediately put me at $49/month for a blog that wasn't making any money. 

That was a huge consideration point for me, but I decided that I really wanted to be a professional blogger. I wanted to do it the right way and every time I went to the website of the bloggers I admired, they were always using ConvertKit. 

Eventually, I bit the bullet and bought it.... and it was the best investment in my blog - ever.  


ConvertKit has made a huge difference in being able to reach my blogger goals - and my personal goals. I want to pay off my student loan debt this year - and ConvertKit is helping me to build my audience, nurture them - and sell to them all at the same time. 

I never imagined I'd be with them for this long (because that first payment stung a bit switching over from a free email subscription service) but now that I've seen the results for myself, I couldn't imagine blogging without it. 

Grow Your Email List By 500+ Monthly

Join the FREE 5-Day Email Explosion course that teaches my simple process to increase my email list by 500+ subscribers EVERY MONTH. Subscribe to the newsletter to join the course!

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