How Often Should I Update My Vision Board?

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The first time I ever created a vision board, I was dating an amazing guy that I hoped one day would become my husband. (That's not saying much for me, I'm actually a huge romantic and hope EVERYONE will be my husband :) 

I created my vision board with all of my goals on it and right in the middle of my vision board, I had pictures of a beautiful wedding dress and sparkling ring. I was sure that after all my years of bad dating, I'd landed a good one and this would be my year. 

So I manifested it on my vision board. 

About half way through the year, I found myself super single and replacing that beautiful dress on my vision board with more "goal-getter" quotes. (Because if I couldn't get my dream man, I was surely going to create my dream life anyway.) 

I knew it was time to update my vision board - my future was different now. There was no man in my life to hope for a future with. 

Sometimes the need to change a vision board is not so simple to identify.

Maybe you put a large goal on your vision board, but you don’t think you’ll really be able to accomplish it so you want to take that goal off your board because of FEAR.

It’s possible that you set a goal that will take several years to achieve so you want to take the goal off your vision board due to UNCERTAINTY.

In these cases, it could be easier to set a smaller, easier to attain goal so your vision board feels do-able. However, removing your goals in these cases will push you from dreaming big and into thinking small.

So when should you think about making a change to your vision board? Here are the three ways that I’ve come up with:  


Your Future is Fundamentally Different

This is when something changes in your life and there is no way that goal you envisioned is going to happen.

In my earlier story, I knew there was no way I was getting engaged that year so it was clearly time to take the wedding dress off my vision board. Maybe you set goals to grow in your community and you end up moving across the country to a new place. Maybe you planned on becoming a sommelier (a wine expert) and then found out that you’re pregnant.

These are just a few examples of life changes that happen that mean it’s really time to alter your vision for your near future.


You gain clarity

During the same year I realized my relationship wasn’t working, I also decided to go back to school.

Pursuing my education was not something I planned on. In fact, I never really knew what to do with my professional life. I was attending a conference and by chance I met the owners of a small data startup that changed my life. They taught me how to take my general marketing knowledge and apply it in different ways that would skyrocket my value in the professional world.

It was like my whole world opened up and I finally could see where I needed to take my career.

When you get a huge sign of clarity on where to take your life, it’s your job to listen to that inner voice. Don’t feel guilty about removing the things that no longer serve you from your vision.

The person you are today doesn’t owe your past an explanation. Clarity is a great reason to change your vision board.

You're Inspired to Pick up a new hobby

There are times in your life where you decide to get off the couch, stop watching Netflix and instead spend that time doing something valuable. This would be something that you didn't see coming. 

Earlier this year, my daughter went to her dad's house and I experienced my first full month without my child. Before she left, I thought I would enjoy that time and be more productive than ever. Instead, I felt very unsure of myself and realized that without my daughter I didn't really know who I was.

I didn't have a value system set up to prioritize things without her. I was lost

That summer, I decided to do the things I've always wanted to do and picked up singing as a hobby. I always wanted to sing professionally and I made the decision to start working towards it, even if it’s in small increments.

The decision to do something for you is always a good thing.

Your vision board is meant to manifest the dreams you have for your life. If your life has fundamentally changed in some way, feel confident removing the things that don't work to make space for the things you really want


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About Chantl

Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her workbook, The Vision Board Planner, gives women a step-by-step guide to create a super effective and life-changing vision board. 

Why Ruining My Credit Was The Best Decision Of My Life

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I recently shared my super painful debt story on Chain of Wealth Podcast. This interview inspired me to create this series. Rise From Rock Bottom tells every story from my failure years - and how I overcame it.


In 2015, I was under a mountain of debt. I had about $15K in credit card debt and a $25K car loan on a Mercedes Benz. If that wasn't bad enough, I also had a luxury apartment that easily cost $1500/month. 

I was 25 and a single mom. #TheStruggle

Determined to maintain my credit score, I worked 3 jobs to put food on the table, pay my car note, my high-AF rent and continue making the minimum payments on my various credit cards.

I was under water, overworked, exhausted, and out of options.

If I stopped to take a breath at any moment, I would fall behind on paying bills, my rent would not get paid, there would be no food on the table. I was the epitome of paycheck to paycheck. 

Flash forward to today.

By the end of 2016, I landed a job for one of the top Marketing Analytics firms in the world, making triple what I was making with three jobs. My company that lets you work from where ever you want, have unlimited vacation, a robust retirement plan and values me as an individual.

Most importantly, I am happy.


How did I make this transition in one year? 

I made the hardest decision of my life: I stopped paying my bills... ALL OF THEM. 

I called all of my credit cards and informed them I would no longer by paying. I turned my phone off (yes, completely off). I did a voluntary repossession on my Mercedes Benz and bought a crappy car in cash. 


Lowering my bills meant I didn't need more money.

With over $2500 in rent, car payments and credit card minimums every month, I was obligated to work enough hours to cover my bills - EVERY SINGLE MONTH. That means before I could put money into my savings account, buy food or invest in my future I had to make $2500 that would immediately go out the door to pay for my earlier mistakes.

I only made $2000-$2200 each month as a receptionist, waitress and low-paid freelancer at the time. That meant that every month I was also spending MORE MONEY ON CREDIT CARDS. 

Deciding to stop paying my bills and move out of my apartment (and into my moms basement) meant that I would no longer need $2500 each month. Without working any harder, I would now have $2200 each month TO INVEST IN MYSELF. 


What did I do instead?

I made the decision to get masters a degree in a high demand, high value and growing field: Data Science.

I woke up every morning at 3am and rolled out of bed so I could wake up by the shock (and slight pain) of hitting the floor. (I was training myself for a war I intended to win.) I started studying for the GRE. 

Within a few months, I had scored well, applied to school and got into the state school near my parent's house.

Remember the crappy car I bought with I did a voluntary repossession on my fancy benz?  I sold it to pay for as much of my school fees as possible and minimize the amount of loans I had to take out.

Because I no longer needed the money, I was able to quit my receptionist and waitress jobs to go to school full time. I even fired all of my freelance clients and only kept the highest paying client.

After my nine month master's program, I walked across the stage just one year after starting this journey with an offer in hand - for triple what I was being paid before.


My life changed completely.

At this new job, I made $65K per year. That meant I finally would be able to pay off my debts and also have time for myself, my family and there would be money left over to save and invest in myself. 

I also learned the most important lesson of my life: Spend less than you make. (Crazy how long it took to learn that lesson, right?)


I sacrificed my credit score to improve my life.

I am not advocating for scamming your way out of paying for your financial obligations. I am a firm believer that you SHOULD pay your debts. However, that is a choice you CAN make. 

Without the bills, I didn't need three jobs.

Without the jobs, I didn't have to feel stressed every month about creating more income, working harder. I didn't have to burn myself out.

I could think clearly about who I was and what I really wanted out of life. With a clear mind, I put myself in a position to change my life permanently.

I made the conscious decision to take 10 steps back to (finally) propel myself forward. From where I'm standing, I made the right choice.


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About Chantl

Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her book, Goal Doing: Practical Advice For Goal Setting, Action Planning and Achieving Your Dreams, gives women a step-by-step guide to create, plan and achieve their grandest goals.

Six Common Mistakes People Make When Hosting A Vision Board Party

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Vision board parties can be a ton of fun, but since they're often hosted by us regular folks who sit around drinking and chatting for fun - and have now decided to add some vision boards into the mix, they don't always have the best structure. 

As a host, it your job to make sure that attendees get what they want to achieve out of coming to the event.

Here are a few common mistakes people make that you'll want to avoid while you're planning your vision board party.


Filling every minute of the agenda

I know this one sounds a bit crazy! We want for every moment to be planned out and have every activity flow really well into the next one. 

Here's what's wrong with that: 

  • About 50% of attendees will show up late.

  • People will inevitably miss key content and want you to repeat.

  • A full agenda doesn't leave much time for networking and chatting with others.

Solution: Leave some "mingling" time in your agenda. It's unstructured time where people can get to know each other and chat about whatever they want. This will help them start to build relationships with others on their own. 


Not having food/drink options for everyone

Food can be tricky. I once held an event where I forgot the non-alcoholic beverages and had to get a pitcher of water for non-wine drinkers! You want to have super yummy options and get creative to your hearts content, but you also want to be inclusive so that everyone at the event has something to eat.

Solution: Make sure you cover the basics and have gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options for people. If you want to get fancy, add a form to the registration where people can outline exactly what kinds of food allergies they have so you can plan accordingly.


Not having enough good magazines

Magazines are the backbone of the vision board! If you don't have enough good magazines to go around, people will end up fingering through the same ones over and over long after they've realized that there is no inspiration in them. 

Solution: Ask attendees to bring their own extra magazines from home. 


Not telling people what to bring

It's pretty common for people provide their own poster boards and bring their own magazines at vision board parties. If you don't plan on providing everything for your attendees, you'll want to make sure they know exactly what to bring. Otherwise people may show up empty handed and you run the risk of not having enough materials to go around.

Solution: Provide a list of items that they can scan quickly.


Not curating good speakers

If you decide to bring speakers to your event, it could go really well or really poorly. Speakers are meant to compliment the event or raise it to the next level with fun, relevant and inspiring stories for your audience. 

Solution: Make sure any speaker you invite has experience that would be relevant to the people attending the event. 


Not Facilitating conversation among guests

Sometimes you can drop people into a room and they just click. People make friends easily and find common grounds to start really cool conversations on. Other times, it's a bit more of a struggle. Unfortunately, you have now way of knowing whether your guests will click immediately or if they'll take a little warming up. 

Solution: Have a few ideas ready to get people engaged early on in the event with some ice breaker activities that can get the conversation started. 


These common vision board party mistakes are super easy to avoid with proper planning and a little bit of flexibility. Enjoy your party planning. 



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Grab the FREE party planning checklist I use to plan easy breezy (and totally unforgettable) vision board parties!

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About Chantl

Chantl founded Thrive Lounge to give women the kick in the pants they need (lovingly, of course) to uncomplicate their goals, stop making excuses, get productive and start living the life they always wanted. Her Sold Out Vision Board Parties online course, helps success and mindfulness coaches host profitable, effective and transformative vision board parties.