Six Simple Steps To Gain 500+ Email Subscribers Per Month On Autopilot

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Have you ever seen one tiny inkling of success and thought to yourself... it's my time to shine, ya'll! Well that's how I've been feeling since I switched over to ConvertKit

My email subscribers have been rolling in like the Beyhive when Beyonce is coming to town. (Ok, maybe it's not THAT lit, but I'm incredibly proud of my growth over the last 6 months.)

It's taken me a few months to get there, but I finally have a system that worked for me.


First, why am I so focused on email subscribers? 

I am a firm believer that you have to diversify your marketing strategies. While social media marketing is awesome I know that at any time, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and all of the other miscellaneous platforms) can change their algorithm overnight, leaving people with lots of engagement to wonder where all the traffic went or shelving out hundreds of dollars for the same level of engagement they used to get for free.

Also, with many of the updated algorithms followers don't see posts in order and they might not time-sensitive offerings in time.

That's where the email list comes in. 

With a reliable email service like ConvertKit, I can send my subscribers an email anytime. This is especially important for me around Christmas and New Year's when people are focused vision boards and goal setting.


How To Get 500+ Subscribers Monthly


Write blog posts on a weekly basis

I can't stress enough how important is to constantly put out new content. Even if you're just putting out one post a week, it's important to create new content on a consistent basis because you never know what topics are really going to resonate with your audience - or randomly go viral on Pinterest. 

I like to think of blog posts as lottery tickets. The more you play, the more opportunities you have to win. Also, you never really know when one piece of content is going to be a huge driver to your site. 

For example, I talk a lot about goal setting and vision boards at Thrive Lounge and most of my posts talk about different aspects of creating a vision board. However, about 75% of my traffic is currently coming from one post.

That is also where the majority of my email subscribers come from.

That post is no different from the other posts on my site. I wrote it using the same layout and writing style of every other post. Somehow, this post got a ton of attention and now brings the majority of the traffic to my site. 

Moral of the story - continue creating content. You never know what will be a huge hit.


Share blog posts on Pinterest

While it's common to see influencers winning on several different platforms, I'm only REALLY active on Pinterest. This is where 60% of my overall site traffic comes from so instead of trying a million things, I'm choosing to working on perfecting my strategy here. 


Create super valuable content upgrades with each blog post

People are coming to your website because they want to learn something, be entertained or purchase something they need. Once you provide super awesome value through your ah-mazing blog post, your site visitors will be more than happy to sign up for your email list - IF you're going to continue adding value to them. 

Give away a high value freebie at the end of your blog post. That means that each email form on your site should give away something. You can give away a checklist, workbook or course that will continue to teach, entertain or add value to the person reading. In other words, "sign up for my email list" is not as enticing as "Grab your free workbook!"


Convert page viewers into subscribers with MULTIPLE optins

I used to be worried that it would annoy my readers that I have several optin forms available on my site. Seriously, who really goes to a website and thinks "I hope they have a pop up!" You guessed it. No one... EVER. 

However, I realized that having several popups in any one post gives the reader different options to help them get to exactly what they want. For example, if you're reading my vision board party post, you could be interested in hosting your own vision board party, creating a vision board for the first time and looking for more information or just looking for vision board ideas.

By having different types of pop ups on that one article I create more opportunities to help the reader find what they're looking for. 

Morale of the story: More Options = Better Service (but don't go too crazy!) 

(Side note: Creating several optins is incredibly easy with ConvertKit! In fact, once I have an optin created, I can simply grab the code and put it on several blog posts all at once!)



We are used to seeing email forms at the end of the post and a pop up - and anything more than that might be overkill. However, I have found one way to add additional sign up forms without disrupting the readers experience. 

Create landing pages for your optins (you can do this with the touch of one button in ConvertKit)  and add a link to them to your posts where that upgrade would be relevant. That way, while the reader is enjoying your content and they come across a link, they could easily click it and open a new tab with your freebie and continue reading. 



In your ConvertKit dashboard, you can easily see which of your optin forms are performing higher than the others.

Check your stats on your optins frequently because your conversion rate can be higher at different times of the year. (For example, my vision board checklist was converting readers to subscribers at 4.4% but it jumped to 5% in December/January.) 

In short, make sure you're using your high converting optins on your highest traffic pages at all times. That way, you're capturing most of the traffic that comes in! 


Your readers may come to your site for the content, but if you want them to become subscribers you have to give them something of value to them.

Happy Creating!

Grow Your Email List By 500+ Monthly

Join the FREE 5-Day Email Explosion course that teaches my simple process to increase my email list by 500+ subscribers EVERY MONTH. Subscribe to the newsletter to join the course!

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