August Blog + Traffic Report: Doubling Our Traffic, Growing Our Email List & Making an Impact

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August Blog Progress Report

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Oh August! After our mid-year brunch last month, I felt incredibly inspired to get back to basics and create experiences that would allow women to come together to share ideas and goals. Every time I spend time with my #ThriveSquad, I leave feeling ready to create the next BIG THING. 

August was a sprinting kind of month where I spent my time really focusing on the launch of our latest women's empowerment and vision-focused event, Visualize Your Victory. Hosting in-person events is one of Thrive Lounge's primary monetization and community building strategies because we're able to meet our #ThriveSquad in person and learn what their goals are so we can better help them in the future. We also love when they meet each other and those meetings turn into partnerships, collaborations and lasting friendships. (No one networks like our ThriveSquad :) 

So, how did we do on our August goals? 


  • Have A Successful Blogger Week Talk
  • Launch Visualize Your Victory to local community groups
  • Curate elite speaker list and activities to create a stunning event


Have a successful blogger week talk

Blogger Week is an annual conference held in Washington, DC that helps new and experienced bloggers learn how to create, market, grow and monetize their blogs. I was selected to give a talk at Blogger Week about how to create a Big, Hairy, Audacious Vision for your blog. The purpose of my session was to help bloggers thing bigger about the impact they would make with their blog. Rather than thinking of your blog as a fun little project, I encouraged people to think about their blog in terms of the impact they will have on people and how that tied to their personal mission and vision. I got really vulnerable with attendees, I told them my stories of failure, poverty and hunger (like no food on the table kinda hunger) and how that experience drives me to be there for others who may be suffering in that way. Because of my story, I feel pulled to help people work towards their vision. The talk was incredibly successful as I got attendees chatting with the people around them and sharing their story in small groups. At one moment, people started sharing their experiences with weight loss, homelessness and abuse - and how that empowers them to build something to help others. That was the moment I knew I accomplished my goal. 



I had the idea for a fabulous rooftop event where attendees envisioned themselves 5 years from now having accomplished your 5-year goals. Attendees would be encouraged to introduce themselves as a NY Times Bestselling authors or successful millionaire entrepreneurs. This month, my goal was to get the marketing together for this event including social media images, quotes and digital flyers for all the speakers. If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know I crushed that goal! 



Finding speakers for an upcoming event can be somewhat of a struggle if you don't plan on doing a call for speakers, especially since we all know the speakers can make or break an event. I am always nervous when I pitch speakers to be apart of an event because, like most people, I don't like rejection (However, I am noticing the more pitching I do, the less affected I am by rejection. It's slowly becoming this thing that just happens when you put yourself out there over and over again.) The speaker list and activities grew slowly as I researched and reached out to each speaker individually. However, by the end of the month, I was incredibly proud of the list of speakers, which included many women that I looked up to and hoped to collaborate with. 



Last Month: 1,425
This Month: 3,147 (120% higher than last month)



Last Month: 506
This Month:  748 (47% higher than last month)



Last month: 398
This month: 500 (25% increase over last month)


3,147 Page views, 500 Instagram Likes, 748 Email List



  • 93% Pinterest
  • 3% Facebook
  • 3% Instagram
  • 1% Twitter






Now that we've been working on the site for almost a year (and tracking our progress the entire time), it's easy to see the clear winner in where our site traffic is coming from. Even though I have a Master's in Analytics, you don't really need it to see that Pinterest is where the vast majority of our new traffic is coming from! This month, we decided to stop working on our other social media accounts all together, only using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for connecting with people, but doing the majority of our social media activity on Pinterest. 



In April 2017, we made the switch from Mailchimp to ConvertKit for our email service and this completely skyrocketed our email list. I love how Convertkit makes it incredibly each to send freebies to your audience and create automations like the one I use for the 5-day vision challenge and the web forms are completely customizable so it matches the rest of my site. Here's a look into how our email collection has grown since switching over to ConvertKit:


Another huge contributor to our email list growth has been our two meetup groups, located in Washington, DC. We host two meetup groups that service content creators, My IG is LIT and District Content Creator Collective. These groups allow up to connect with our target audience on a personal level to understand what their goals are - this gives us the insider scoop to be able to product things and create content that best fits their needs.


We were originally tracking our Facebook following, but after blogging + social media sharing for the past few months, we've realized that our target audience (at least locally) is on Instagram. This is where we meet local people who are movers + shakers and that's where we've chosen to have our fun conversations with friends and connect. So, it's no surprise we've stopped tracking our Facebook following (a platform we don't really use to connect) and started tracking our Instagram following. :)

This month, we saw a nice bump in social media following from speaking at the Blogger Week conference. When you have a great talk and inspire others to follow their dreams, they are happy to follow you on social and keep up with you to see what else you have going on long after the event. 

Monthly Goals (2).png
  • Make Visualize Your Victory a huge success!



Every tiny step you take contributes to your brand as a whole and each interaction you have with others is an opportunity to share your vision for your future and to help someone discover theirs. Speaking at Blogger Week was an unpaid opportunity, but it gave me an opportunity to take what I normally share in blog posts and bring it to life in person in front of a brand new audience. Many of those women joined my email list and followed me on social media others bought tickets to Visualize Your Victory and everyone (I hope) benefited from my talk - which was my biggest goal for this month. 

Overall, I learned one thing - Don't take your opportunities to make a difference lightly. Take it seriously, practice out loud, on paper and in the mirror, record yourself and listen to the recording over and over until you it's just right. For some, you'll only get one opportunity to make a life-changing difference. Make sure you do it right. 

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