The Benefits of Taking a Break From Your Ambitious Goals

Let's be honest, ladies, holding down a full time job & caring for your family & keeping up a household is enough work for one person but many of us make the very conscious decision to, in our (very limited) free time, go after a gigantic and highly ambitious goal. Whether it's starting a side-hustle, creating a blog, or becoming more fit, we push ourselves to reach new heights in the wee hours of the morning or late at night when you should be sleeping, catching up on the latest Netflix series or FINALLY "putting your self out there" and going on a date. (I added that one for my sweet grandma who's been wondering when I'm getting married for the last three years. Side note: I have no prospects. #MinorDetails)

We, the fearless goal getters, are up staring at the blinding back light of our computer frantically googling up the best resources and tools to make our dreams come true. It begins as a labor of love, you just want to pour your energy and time into it, with the realization that you are simply planting seeds. One day you'll get to the point where your hard work will be rewarded, and even though you don't actually know when that time will come, you still work. You still dedicate your time. You dedicate your energy - and you do it with a smile. This is your baby. 

As a parent, you can't actually take a break from your baby, but as a budding entrepreneur, pageant queen or marathon runner (you get my drifts), you are in a unique position to nurture "your baby" - and actually take a vacation when you need it. 

Even though you may feel like you have tons of to-do's piling up (because there's always something else you COULD be doing) you should definitely build in time to take a break, and here's why:


That Refreshed Feeling

The beautiful thing about taking a break from fierce goal-getting is that taking your mind away from work, even for a limited time, will give you an opportunity to explore other things in your life. You won't feel like you're drowning or overwhelmed (at least not all the time). Instead you'll be creating more time to build relationships with your friends, pursue your hobbies and passions and spend time with family - all things that energize you and put you in a positive mood. You'll be able to bring that positive energy right back to your big goal when you get back to the grind. 


Renewed Outlook

Have you ever felt like you've been staring at a screen for too long and all the words kind of blend together? When you have a limited time to work on your goal and you can often feel like want to get things done NOW. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to get that website copy (or blog post, or product description, etc.) just right is to step away from it and come back to it a few days later. By giving your brain some time to breathe (and think about other things) you'll have the ability to see the mistakes and tiny edits you missed before. (In the coding world, where missing one semi-colon could throw off your entire project, taking a step back is necessary!)


The Long Distance Boyfriend Effect

Having a significant other that lives around the corner is fun because you can see them more whenever you want and surprise easily surprise them with spontaneous lunch or dinner plans. But let's be honest, sometimes you get tired of looking at their face and their little tiny quirks (that were super cute the first couple of months). The same thing happens with your goals. The long distance boyfriend effect is, essentially, when the super hot guy you've been dating lives a couple hours away and every moment away from him feels like eternity. You miss him and can't wait to see him again. Working nonstop on your goals can be rewarding, it can also be draining if that's all you're doing. Your side project that was fun and excited can become routine and dry over time. When you take a nice break from your goals, you'll definitely miss it and be excited to get back to it. 


Don't be afraid to take a break, you owe it to yourself to relax your mind, pursue your hobbies, enjoy your family and friends and, quite simply, treat yo'self sometimes! Breaks can be the best thing for your goals, giving you a chance to detach and get "out of the weeds" so you can come back with renewed energy and focus. 

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