July 2017 Blog + Traffic Report: How We Juggle Community Building & Product Creation

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Each month, I learn more about what I want out of Thrive Lounge and what I can do to be my best self - for myself, my daughter, my career and Thrive Lounge all at the same time. Rather than staying up with the #TeamNoSleep night owls forcing myself to complete each task I put on my to-do list, I've become a master of triage. I've started to decide on what the two most important things for me to do today are - and then only doing those two things. That comes with the exception of Sunday, of course, when I do all of my bulk activities like blogging and social media.

Throughout the year, I've been slowly ticking things off my list for VisionCon and I'm super excited for all the progress I've made. It's definitely not a fast process, but it's a great learning process for me and a great community builder. #IHaveFriends

Here's the latest Big Wins and Epic Fails from my latest Thrive Lounge adventures. 



Secure a Location for VisionCon

OMG! You guys... finding a space for 100-200 people in Washington, DC during the summertime is the struggle because everyone is either on vacation or mentally on beach mode - but I've been moving on it and that's all that matters. :) This month, I've seen three spaces and gotten quotes from at least 6 - they got back to me with prices that I will be able to afford next year. #SpeakItIntoExistence (Side note: If you email these expensive places and let them know you will not be giving them you're hard-earned 10K, they might email you back and say they will give you a "special discount" which would bring the price down to your target. *rolls eyes*)


Start Reaching Out To Speakers

Let me tell you the best thing about doing good work in the community and documenting the change you have made is that people WANT to work with you. I've had some amazingly brilliant women reach out to me to become speakers for VisionCon and I definitely feel like I have my work cut out for me. We'll be announce speakers mid-October once we get a SPACE!!!


Prepare Talk For Blogger Week

O.M.G. While I love giving a good talk and sharing what I've learned in my many, many (MANY) failures, giving a talk takes up a lot of time. I scrutinize my work like crazy, try to make sure I'm telling the story in the best way possible, make sure I'm not speaking in circles (because I do that sometimes) and try not to get too "interview voice" because the corporate queen in me takes over sometimes - even when I'm not trying.


Last Month: 888
Goal: none set
Actual: 1,425 (60% higher than last month)


Last Month: 353
Goal: none set
Actual: 506 (43% higher than last month)

Instagram Followers:

This month: 398

1,425 Page views, 398 Instagram Likes, 506 Email List



  • 87% Pinterest
  • 6% Facebook
  • 6% Instagram
  • 1% Twitter








A few months ago, we started a Meetup group for influencers in the DMV area (My Instagram is LIT | #LitIGDC on Instagram) and that is growing very well. With very little promotion on our end, meetup.com has been critical in growing my local reach with very little additional work on my end. Our email list has also benefited heavily from adding a relevant freebie with every blog post. This way, as I get more traffic coming to my site through Pinterest, I also get more people signing up to receive the freebies through my ConvertKit forms. (Insider tip: If you're looking to level up your email strategy, sign up for ConvertKit here.)



We were originally tracking our Facebook following, but after blogging + social media sharing for the past few months, we've realized that our target audience (at least locally) is on Instagram. This is where we meet local people who are movers + shakers and that's where we've chosen to have our fun conversations with friends and connect. So, it's no surprise we've stopped tracking our Facebook following (a platform we don't really use to connect) and started tracking our Instagram following. :)



Mid Year Check In Brunch was a success

We hosted the largest brunch meetup to date with Savvy&Fly and Startlight Social. (Side note: If you missed out on this one, no worries! We do these twice a year. Just get on our mailing list and we'll keep you posted on the next one.)

We started DC Content Creator Collective meetup group

DC Content Creator Collective is an accountability group for content creators in the DMV area. You know we're all about taking these online conversations offline and into the real world where we can see someone smile, learn about their experience through their eyes (rather than through a computer screen). This group is all about having a support system of people all going through the same content creation struggle! :) We'll discuss content planning, implementation, editing, delegating, profitability and really everything in between. Join us here.  


Started planning Visualize Your Victory

The latest in our fun + fab events, Visualize Your Victory is an elite costume event where guests will arrive and act the entire night as if they have already accomplished their 5-year goals. On a gorgeous rooftop overlooking the city, you'll walk the red carpet and smile for the paparazzi, dine on hors d'oeuvres, sip to your heart's content at our open wine bar and enjoy live painting + conversation with the city's most accomplished women. 

Join us in limitless thinking and engaging your mindset to shift from the ordinary into embracing success and abundance. Register here.

Monthly Goals (2).png
  • Have A Successful Blogger Week Talk
  •  Launch Visualize Your Victory to local community groups
  • Curate elite attendee list and activities to create a stunning event



The past month, I've seen a huge growth in my email list and page views to the website. This is a bittersweet victory because while I'm FINALLY starting to reach an audience beyond the DC Metro area, I still don't have e-products to provide them with a more in-depth dive into personal development and goal-setting or any way to really engage with this broader audience. On the bright side, while we have not been able to provide additional value right now, we are able to continue to engage with our audience through our email list so when the time is right we know where to find them. :)

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