How To Find Time In Your Busy Schedule For Social Media

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Finding time to do social media can be very difficult. I know that I struggle with this quite a bit and often times find that social media gets put on the back burner. Not on purpose. It just happens. I’m sure many can relate to how important it is to be active on social media. Yet the struggle in finding time to create postings and keep up with the accounts is evident. I have created myself a three step process that has allowed me to be able to overcome social media anxiety and stay on track with my social media goals!

Step 1 - Vision, Purpose, and Plan

The first major aspect of your social media plan is to make sure you can visualize your purpose. What are you trying to portray to your audience? What is the purpose of the information you will be sharing? How does it fit in with your big overall plan? These are all things that you will need to plan and map out as you work on your postings. Many people, like myself, use a predefined content calendar. Start with the holidays knowing you will post about it, then special events, then work your way down to your project goals knowing when you will release special or new content etc. This alone should fill in most of your days with the others with misc. topics for discussion and to increase engagement.  This will take the most brain power and most time. However, this is crucial. Planning ahead will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to post.

Step 2 - Schedule Away

I am in love with automation systems such as Buffer which allows me to plug in my postings, schedule, then basically forget about them. It takes it from there to make sure they are posted at the time I designate. I only have to worry about posting to Instagram at the correct time. Even still, it will send me a reminder with all the information to make it convenient and easy. I recommend focusing on suggested times, but also times that you personally see an increase in engagement and views. Everyone’s times are different, but 12pm-2pm has always been a sweet spot for me.

Step 3 - Make Time in My Planner

I believe the main hurdle for most is actually setting aside time to make posts happen. You can write them, but if they never get scheduled, it does you no good. You can write posts with no purpose in mind. This will only hurt you in the end as well. Block off a chunk of time in your planner and make it intentional. Know your purpose and be aware of the impact you are making for your business. Social media is a fantastic tool that needs an afternoon to be watered to grow. Take time to engage with others, check other pages in your niche, and have fun with it. The worst thing you can do it make it feel like a chore.

Social media and a busy life can be difficult. However, it can be done. With a powerful mindset and the right tools, you can easily work towards your social media goals in no time.


Ashley is a twenty-one-year-old college student who is in love with her two basset hound puppies. She owns Blank Slate Media Consulting which focuses on designing WordPress based websites for small business owners. Ashley enjoys being organized, crushing goals, and blogging. You can check out her blog at:


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