Behind The Curtains


it all started with community

In December 2014, co-founders Chantl and Skye hosted a potluck to make vision boards with their closest friends... only one person showed up. In this intimate setting they realized the diverse life experience in different industries along different professional and entrepreneurial paths that allowed the women in the room to get tailored answers to their burning questions. 

It was in that room, filled with laughter, positivity and random magazine clippings that they realized they wanted to do this more often. They wanted to connect with more people to learn from their experiences and share their own. That night, with only one attendee, one plate of chicken wings and one bottle of wine, Thrive Lounge was born.

Thrive Lounge has supported a growing community of young, brilliant, powerful millennial women as they dream bigger and live miraculously. Our members are building successful businesses, traveling all over the world in style and reaching their goals. We specialize in pushing them further.